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No... wire... hangers! What's wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: no wire hangers EVER!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | What Do You Do With Wire Hangers?
4/28/08 10:16 AM

Tickety Tack, Ferocia! This is fiercely expired!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | International #2: Sultan's Lovely Villa
4/18/08 12:51 PM

Normal, I do not comment on these But I felt compelled to at least say this much: Tres Chic! I love all the architecture details in your flat. Your attention to detail is impeccable. I admire how your complimented the wood work in the living area by highlighting it will crisp lined furnishings. It allows the eye to appreciate the history and craftsmanship that originally went into the wood work and floor. And the juxtaposition of the remodeled kitchen area further highlights it. Great idea mixing the wood beams in the kitchen to continue the flow.
The bathroom speaks values about who you are and a true work of art. Bravo!!! I would have loved to see the bedrooms, but something tells me they are a work in progress. Hopefully you will keep us posted. I would love to see what you do next.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #24: Melissa's Pod
4/17/08 10:01 AM

I agree with you Manders22, residential and commercial are two different breeds. But the benefits of getting into the Interior design business sooner puts you far ahead of any future classmates. Hiring on with a design firm while attending school will only help in furthering ones career. You will quickly gain vast knowledge of a client base and how to the suit their particular needs. None of which you will ever learn in a class room. Working with a company like Ethan Allen will give you real-world experience. Granted it's not the end all be all. But how many of us would not go back and change what we did right out of college? I was merely making a suggestion that could help an individual in dealing with clients and benefiting their future career. After all that is the biggest part of the job...And yes, it is not a "pretty" job. Most people have a very distorted view of what we do based on television. It's rare to get Carte Blanche. I have seen many come and go. A lot of them wasted their time and educations because they thought it would be all "pretty and glamour". If there are opportunities out there that would allow some one the insight into their future, why take the chance and see if it's something your truly are interested in pursing. As a professional in this industry, I would suggest looking at the bigger picture and align yourself in taking advantage of all the possibilities that a person has and put yourself on the fast track to what it is that you dream of. Go for your degree, build an amazing portfolio, and get real world experience.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Design School Recommendations?
4/14/08 08:43 AM

If I may offer a suggestion...If you are thinking about interior design and would like to get a feel for it Ethan Allen home Interiors will train you as a Designer when you hire on. You will spend a week at the corporate offices in Danbury Conn. learning about product and furniture history.This would be great experience and exposure in the field. Granted you are dealing with residential design but it can help you launch your career once you finished school.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Design School Recommendations?
4/14/08 07:15 AM

Yes indeed! May I suggest you taking a look at the Mansion on Forsyth park in Savannah Georgia. Clicking through the photo gallery you will notice in the Casmir's lounge the companion chairs to your love seat. In the context of this room they have become not only modern but sexy art pieces. The whole hotel it self serves as a great example of mixing old and new together to create a classic modern that will always have style!


Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Can This Loveseat Be Modern?
4/14/08 06:54 AM

If budget is not a factor here, then soft draperies is your best option. It will help to soften all the hard lines and create drama in the space that will pull your eye up to the ceiling height. The width of the treatment will need to be 3x the width of the whole wall.

As for how high to hang them, as high as you can get them. Just keep them the same height on each side of the concrete pillar. The length, they should rest 1 inch off the windowsill.

What I like to do in my client’s lofts on such amazing windows is adding a 22-24 inch band to the base of the treatment in a contrasting color. Use any color that you like just don’t let it dominate the space.

Now, if those stairs led to the outside, you will want to mount a drapery hanger to the left wall. The give you a place to pull the treatment back and allow you access to the window.

If budget if a factor, then drop the treatment to right above the arches, keep the same length and drop the banding. You can cut the width back to 2x the width. Any less then that will look flimsy and incomplete.

Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help With Window Treatments for My Loft?
3/31/08 12:31 PM

Painting the doors black would add great interest and drama to such an ordinary hall. It will draw the eye in and create a focal point. The one thing you do not want to do here is to paint the doors and the trim the same color. You want to avoid it looking like a giant black box. Rather, just painting the doors will create a much more professional look and help to define the space of each door. I would paint the trim work the same color as the wall. This will allow all the focus to stay on the doors.

Using gloss on the walls is actually very beautiful….a lot of work but beautiful and very Euro. Granted it will show the imperfections of the walls but I see that as pure character. It allows light to reflect and gives depth to the walls. Stay far away from flat paints. They add nothing. Keep in mind that you want to create contrast in this space. So don’t paint the doors in gloss if you are using that treatment on the walls. Try using an eggshell or a slight semi-gloss.

Must of all, go with your gut instinct!

Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Is Painting the Bedroom and Hallway Doors High-Gloss Black Too Much?
3/31/08 12:10 PM


The reason for the other teeth is for balance. If the hanger is not centered in the middle of the picture, when you go to hang it, it will be lop-sided. So you move it over to the next tooth to correct it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | WallMarker
2/14/08 06:51 AM


If you are working with pictures that are wired on the back and if the wire is attached to a "D"shaped ring. You can do what is called "double hanging". You don't use the wire at all. This will allow the weight of the picture to rest on these rings and not a wire. Which, the picture or mirror, over time can bow or warp especially with today's framing. First, tape a level to the top of the picture. This will free up your hand and help to keep it straight. Grab the picture with both hand ( one on each side) at the same level of the "D" ring. Make sure that the "D" ring falls between your index and middle finger. Place the artwork against the wall. At this point make sure that only the "D" rings are touching the wall, not the frame of the picture. Press into the wall. Check to see when you are level. With the "D" ring touching the wall move the whole picture slightly to the left and slightly to the right. Just enough to make your mark. If you have walls with flat paint, the mark is very easy to see. If you have any other type of paint, it will create a"shiny" mark. Use theses marks for your nail. Hang the picture. Check to make sure it is level. If one side is slightly higher than the other, simply and gently pull on one side of the picture to make it perfect. Now, in the case if the picture is really wide and you can't handle it on your own. Try masking tape. On the back of the picture run the tape from hanger to hanger. Mark on the tape where the nail will come in contact. Decided where on the wall you want the picture to be then place the tape on the wall. Make sure that you use a level to get the tape straight. Then simply hammer in your nails. Ta-da! The first method may sound more involved, but really is the easiest and fastest way to hang a picture. Best of all.....No math required! Sometimes that works. But if you are dealing with walls that are not straight, moldings that were installed at 5pm on a Friday before the big holiday....well it can all go wrong. And your picture can be very lop-sided. The goal is to have it "visually" straight in the space.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | WallMarker
2/14/08 06:48 AM

Really? Honestly, save the 3 bucks and buy yourself a snack instead! This is a total waste. With over 15 years if experience in picture installations the easiest trick when it come to hanging artworks with a "saw tooth hanger"...notice directly about the blue arrow in the picture, there is a small convexed circle on the bracket, that's your marker. Simply put the frame on the wall and give it a slight push at the top and Voila! you have a mark on the wall right where you need it! If you don't have the strength to make a slight dent into the wall, take a lead pencil and color the circle. Place the bracket against the wall and presto! You have yet another mark. Try it!

Just remember that almost all hangers will leave some type of mark on the wall. All you need to do is put a leveler on top of the frame ( a piece of tape will hold it in place) Put the art work to the wall, move it slightly back and fourth and you should leave a mark. This works perfect with any type of "d-ring" hangers.

So save your coins, kiddos, with a bit of practice, you will hang like a pro!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | WallMarker
2/13/08 10:56 AM

You should make sure the base where the mattress sit is of solid wood first. If so, this could work. But for $1500, a good carpenter caould build you one custom for your bed and not having to deal with shinz's screaming in horror every nite, nor your calves yelping for leg warmers as you struggle over the sharp edge each morning.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Queen Mattress on a King Frame?
1/29/08 11:36 AM

Alex, Stop! Do not clean it any further. First you need to get in contact with DWR and find out if the fabric can be cleaned with water or if it requires a solvent solution. The mill that produces the fabric has put a "finish" on the it. You can severly damage it if you use the wrong thing. Water can leave major stains. And the wrong solvent can bleach out the fabric. To protect your investment, contact a sales person directly at DWR and explain your problem. They will guide you in the right direction.
Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Question: Cleaning A Bantam Sofa?
1/29/08 05:59 AM


I think you can get a lot more interest and versatility out of a traditional influenced styled rug. Due to all the sleekness that you have working in the room, texture would be the key here. The more the better and the warmer your space will look. I would strongly advise you to look for a blended rug. If you get plenty of sunlight from your window, natural fibers will fade over time. Blended rugs will fade as well but are less resistant. Your choice of cream would look lovely, but the sunlight can turn them yellowish. Have you explored FLOR?This could be a great product for you in your situation. The tiles can be easily replaced if any sun damage does occur. Just a thought….
Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Modern or Traditional Rug?
12/21/07 06:25 AM


Here would be my suggestion. You need to achor the space with a rug. The cocktail table is lost in the wood floors and the sofa is merely floating in the space. I like the subtleness of the look that you have going on. You can grow with this look by adding and taking away over the years. You have chosen a versatile enough palette that you will be able to pop it with both naturals and strong colors. Have some fun with it

There is a rug that Ethan Allen carries called Broken Line it is New Zealand wool and an 9x6 will run you about $469. Its a modern rug without being to over the top and locking you into a certain look for years to come. It has many subtle earthen type tones including the mineral that is in your sofa. But it gives you chance to play with very grown up colors that will serve as inspirations for years to come.
Whatever you choose, I suggest that you chose a piece that will compliment your furniture, not over power it. And something that you will want to live with for years. Something that can work in different spaces of your flat. This is where you will get the best value for you money.
If I may offer another suggestion, pull the cocktail table away from the sofa. You are putting all the weight to on side of the room. You want to flow amoungst the pieces you are collecting verses just walking past them. When you add in chairs and end table, lamps and such you will have an amazing flat! Best of luck to you.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Type of Rug Should I Purchase?#comments
10/30/07 09:57 AM


A great artist here in Texas that does some amazing work! Give'em a looky-loo.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Similar Multi-Tiered Light?#comments
10/12/07 06:51 AM

I like the way you played with color blocking. Great job!

Apartment Therapy - #13 - Dldawson's Ever Changing Moods
10/10/07 12:53 PM

I love it! I love it! I love it! It's a superstar!

Apartment Therapy - #6 - Derek's Earthy Blank Canvas
10/10/07 11:01 AM

Awesome job! Any chance you will share the wall colors? I am inspired!

Apartment Therapy - #1- Jason's Lofty View
10/3/07 06:27 AM

I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this question. It's very common on my design team. The advice I always give them, "if it's behind glass, let it match but original works of art should always stand on it's own".

What's important here is make sure that the original piece stands out in the space and does not look as if you matched the decor to it. This would be a great injustice to the artist and certainly defeats the purpose of having an original piece of artwork.

Could you imagine waking into a room and seeing Van Gogh's starry night, only to notice that the walls are the same color of the painting. The work is de-emphasized, the focus is put on the walls and how it reflects into the painting...again defeating the purpose of the work.

By all means use color! Use lots of it!! Just don't use the same color in the painting. Always go deeper or lighter.

I would love to give you advise on bedding, window treatments and such....but you have not provided enough information. Are you modern, eclectic, transitional, or classic in your design? What are you windows styles? What type of feeling do you want to experience each time you walk into the room? Calm and peaceful? Moody and sexy? Energetic and whimsical?

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Color Scheme
10/2/07 01:47 PM