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I might need some speakers to hide those.

A Pair of Statuesque Audio Speakers
6/16/11 11:47 PM

I'm probably not asking "what am I look at", but more "what am I read". tee hee.

Final Frame: A Room Made Completely Out of PC Parts
6/16/11 11:41 PM

I would save it as a draft and send it in the morning.

Is it OK to Send Emails Late at Night?
5/30/11 07:08 PM

I want it.

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

4/30/11 10:33 PM

Lose everything but the bed frame and curtains. Paint a darker color to make the headboard stand out. Get normal height side tables/nightstands with table lamps or else wall mounted lamps.

How To Redecorate Small Master Bedroom?
Good Questions

4/30/11 10:22 PM

My DR looks just like your before (except your table is what I want and mine isn't as nice), so I was anxious to see the after. It def. looks cozier, but that table seems way to small. So much so that it ruins it for me. The update to the curtains is nice, and the sideboard wood adds an element of cozy, but that table just isn't quite right. I want your old table. In my place if not in yours. :)

Rearranging a Small Dining Room for the Biggest Impact
4/26/11 12:31 AM

Love it!!

Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio
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2/23/11 03:06 PM

Cute, but lose the mini-art.

Before & After: An Orange Stenciled Accent Wall
2/23/11 02:42 PM

Gasp! Sooo pretty!

Before & After: A Serene Guest Room on a Budget
2/22/11 12:23 AM

Wow, that was unexpected! Also, I love that table.

DIY Project: Michelle's Super Sized Sunburst Mirror
2/11/11 02:49 AM

I love the idea of a prop house. Love the outdoor space, and like some of the wooden furniture like the desk in the bedroom and the coffee table.

Mallory & Liz's Santa Monica Prop House
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2/9/11 04:36 PM

Cute nook. I would love to have one. Not "before and after" worthy though. We are all cleaning/organizing our places on a regular basis. Putting away a tiny bit of clutter isn't what people expect for a before and after. Maybe this should have been about rediscovering unused spaces or else skip it entirely.

Before & After: The Bedroom Desk Gets Organized
2/9/11 04:29 PM

I think it's better, but not good. That bedside lamp makes me crazy. Can you ever reach it from bed? I would like to see a foot whacked off the bottom of that and a new shade. I also don't like the bedding and think that the headboard is too tall and maybe should be darker. I would also miss the second bedside table. The paint color is an improvement and I would take dingy wooden floors over carpet any day.

Before & After: Rustic Retreat Redesign for Under $300
2/9/11 04:04 PM

Ziploc bags (w/zipper, not the ones you need to pinch closed) in every size. Life changing.

Your Best Organizing Secret Weapon?
1/25/11 09:25 AM

Elitist? Yes. (Though you seem to not be alone.)

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/20/11 04:33 PM

Wow this is sooo pretty! And what a fun adventure. Love the white, light, and wood.
Though, I admit, I'm glad I'm not the one dusting those shelves. How do you access the books above the fireplace and the kitchen aid mixer? (or shouldn't I ask?) ;)

Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's Summer Cottage in the City
Green Tour

1/15/11 04:46 AM

Absolutely love it.

Whoa, Sounds like Tim just got half a million people to want to be his new best friend, and thousands of women wanting to marry him.

Tim's "Old Boot" of a Carriage House
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1/13/11 09:03 PM

Do you have alternatives in maybe 3 steps or less?

How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink
1/13/11 08:46 PM

One, possibly two paint colors, but not three. The couch, fireplace, and chartreuse wall are in competition for attention. Tone down what you don't want to highlight and crank up what you do. I would probably lose the chartreuse, paint the fireplace and get some contrasting curtains.

Suggestions For Decor To Work With Wall Colors?
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1/13/11 08:31 PM

My living room floor looks exactly like this right now! hahaha. Sigh.
I cannot emphasize enough the value of No. 5 "Start". In fact it was the first thing I thought of before I saw it on your list. I often remind myself that unless I start, I'm guaranteed not to finish. Also, even if you only do a little bit, that bit won't need to be done later and often times you'll get some momentum going.

Lists are also great. Keeps you focused and if you have things broken down to small specific tasks it's a good way to see you progress and keep you moving forward.

The Art of Finishing a Project
1/12/11 05:57 PM