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Meh. This place could really do with a few Eames pieces, and maybe a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster or two.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon
8/3/09 11:04 PM

Why would I want to live in a home with design elements distinctly reminiscent of Libeskind's Jewish Holocaust Museum in Berlin? I mean, that ceiling in the second photo is nearly identical to one of the architectural features in his Jewish Museum meant to evoke Nazi concentration camp search lights.

A poor showing from an otherwise talented architect -- I can see why he hasn't done much residential architecture.

Apartment Therapy New York | "Prefab" Homes by Daniel Libeskind
6/17/09 05:14 PM

I prefer the unfussy "before" office rather than the overwrought "after". This makeover is precisely the sort of interior design we'll all be gasping at its "what on earth were they thinking?" ugliness in few years time. And yuck at the Eames knock-off chair.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Office Overhaul: The Tyra Bank's Show
6/17/09 06:47 AM

A change for the better, if only because it's now slightly less obvious that those Panton chairs are knock-offs.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Kirsten's Updated Dining Room
6/6/09 12:31 AM

My immediate reaction on reading this question, without having read any of the other responses, was that neither the Ghost or Eames Eiffel chair are a good match for this table.

The Platner table is a beautiful, elegant design which deserves to be the focus rather than competing for attention with other iconic designs like the Eames Eiffel. I also don't think a chair made predominantly of plastic would work without being made to look somewhat cheap when set against the glass and metal.

While I can't recommend a specific chair without seeing your dining room, my instinct would be to choose a metal or timber dining chair that is upholstered or has a fabric pad. (The Platner chairs that were designed along with the table are padded, after all.)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Louis Ghost or Eames Eiffel with Platner?
5/28/09 11:08 AM