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I grew up eating in the kitchen with the TV turned on. The dining room hardly ever got used except for family occasions or get togethers. I had the hardest time trying to talk to my mother about stuff while we ate because she was always distracted.
Now that I'm an adult and on my own, I really don't care for TV a whole lot anymore and keep it off especially during mealtimes. Maybe it's because I had no real bonding over meals and I feel I missed out on something?
A few of the guys I dated were the same way....if the TV was on they zoned out and it was impossible to carry on conversation.
So yeah, it's not really for me most of the time as it's sort of sacred time for me, but every once in a while it's nice to nosh on pizza and watch a movie.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | In Defense of Watching TV While You Eat
7/1/09 12:14 PM

Those curtains look like they might be muslin.....I made some similar to that for my old highschool bedroom.....half the walls were windows sicne it was an upstairs room, and the sheerness of the white muslin let light through without letting too much else out in the evenings.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: A Tropical Balcony
6/9/09 12:33 PM

Actually, that bedding set is one of the ones I'm coveting from Anthropologie currently. But they also have a Cirrus Duvet that might match your color palette better and it DOESN'T have flowers.


The bedding is a light grey, which would tie in with your grey walls, and it was compliment the white headboard and black dressers. It still has a LOT of ruching, but it's a little more masculine.
The less ruched version is the already suggested West Elm pin-tucked duvet.
Good luck with compromise! I know my boyfriend and I have had our fair share too. :)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: 'Man-Up' This Emerging Bedscape?
6/9/09 12:22 PM

Would be nice if these came in a matching wood color or something that just looks a little less.......folding card table-esque.
Like the idea though. Ideal for my small space too.

Apartment Therapy New York | Folding Balcony Tables
6/5/09 12:35 PM

I agree with what most comments have already said.

1.Spruce up the porch with White paint and a red door (I'd personally hang the wreath you have a little lower, under the windows).
2.Hang house numbers alongside the door, either veritcally or diagonally, parallel to the stairs.
3.Add large potted plants at the base of the stairs, perhaps flanked by a couple of taller, pretty topiaries for height.
4.If you can swing it without it getting snatched, I liked the park bench idea in front of the latticework, with potted plants nestled next to it. If not, I think planters would look great too.
5.I'd also add one or two hanging plants from that far side of the porch.
6.The porch light would look better and more official if it were moved down next to the door. IMO.

Good luck!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Make this Look Like a Main Entrance?
6/5/09 12:32 PM

Somehow this makes me think of something out of Alice In Wonderland, modern day version.

I'd be interested to know how exactly these hold weight. I'm always curious about how stuff works.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Ribbon Stairs by HSH Architects
6/3/09 03:52 PM

This post makes me miss my trip to Wales.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Melin Tregwynt Blankets
5/28/09 10:37 AM

M favorite thing about this picture is the paper storage since I'm an art major. Where do I get that???

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: A Cozy, Functional Spot to Sit
5/28/09 10:35 AM

If I had this much storage space (and ohh, how I'd love it), I would use a lot of it as display.

My advice would be to remove the top cabinet doors and leave those open, then paint those white. That way the white wouldn't be overpowering and it would tie in nicely with your tile for the time being. It would also force you to keep your kitchen nice and organized (and happy!).

I'd also suggest painting the lower cabinets a darker color. Grey makes things look sleek and clean, but a black would work also, with maybe some silver knobs or something.

I'm also not a huge fan of the bar being painted red. Is it a transition into a red living space? Could you paint it a different color that would work better with the kitchen and still tie into the living area?

If budget allows, I would also replace your breakfast nook curtains with something less heavy. You could even make these yourself with some pretty, bright fabric and a few stitches. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Which Color(s) For My Kitchen Cabinets? Los Angeles
5/28/09 10:13 AM