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I'm living in my NY apt for 5 years now. It's kind of small but I love it. I painted all white and use lots of colors for accent. I kept some of my boxes, just in case, and it's been very useful at times. I hide them behind the couch and I never had roach problems so far. I have only a couple left...

What I like to do right away in all my rentals is to change the toilet seat. I like it to be red! I also use plants, change the light fixtures and add more lamps to create different moods, since the natural light varies so much over seasons.

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Does anyone know what is the name of the wine on the rack? Is it good?

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I buy sheets and egyptian cotton towels at Khols, Target and sometimes at Filenes Basement, TJ Max and Costco.
Pots and pans, dishes, glasses, silverware: Ikea, Bad Bath and Beyond, C&B and CB2. For furniture and accessories, I mix Craig's List, City Opera Thrift Shop, Housing Works, Ikea, Ebay, Urban Outfitters, Antropology and the antique warehouse www.grannysatticnj.com.

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