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Hire movers. I live in an average apartment but I own a big couch and a washer and dryer. I had trouble finding movers I felt comfortable hiring (the last thing you want is to plan for help and have them either ruin furniture or not show up on time), so I caved and paid for Angie's List for three months.The movers I found were awesome, proactive, and made the whole process much easier. Best $500 I've ever spent, and that includes using Angie's List. Sometimes throwing some cash at the problem can save lots of stress.

How To Get Your Friends To Help You Move Moving Week: Sponsored by Penske Truck Rental
8/6/12 04:57 PM

I'm obviously in the minority here but I will never cut cable. I love my awful tv shows (My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, anyone?), and the ability to dvr the morning news to watch at my leisure. My dvr is constantly recording fantastic movies on AMC and TCM, and I can't get enough of The History Channel and the like. If you can cut cable, more power to you, but to me it's a great stress release and the apartment would be way too quiet without it (I live alone).

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable
8/6/12 02:31 PM

My family moved to Southern California from Ohio about 15 years ago, and my parents still struggle with this. It's actually one of the reasons I came back to Ohio for college and stayed. Seasonal decorating, scented candles, and creating new traditions are a saving grace. In the winter especially you'd see snow on the mountaintops and all of the palm trees would get wrapped with lights.

How To "Fake" the Fall Season in Florida? Good Questions
8/6/12 01:35 PM

I'm a recent Cincinnati transplant from Southern California and while I adore the huge market Kroger down the street (they even have a little specialty chocolate bakery area!), I miss our tiny Jensen's back home in Palm Springs. There's nothing like their fresh pastries on Sunday mornings, and they have someone who really understands how to make kielbasa in their meat department. The Albertson's back home left something to be desired though, so I'm grateful for the lovely Kroger. The people are so friendly, and the store is always clean and well-stocked. Now, if I could just get them to make that kielbasa...

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/8/12 07:35 PM

I've never used white noise before, but I absolutely cannot fall asleep without earplugs. If you have the right kind of alarm, you still wake up, but there's nothing to listen to. It's heavenly.

Do White Noise Machines Work?
3/28/12 05:44 PM

I had them in college, and I spent months covered in bites before we finally realized what was happening. My university tried to blame the fact that I was from across the country and flew home, but a few years later I finally found out that it was my roommate's brother. He'd picked up a couch from the side of the road, and bam! The strange part was that while I reacted horribly to them (I must be allergic or something), my roommate at the time never had a single bite appear and our beds were less than a foot apart. It was an awful semester, and I've been paranoid ever since. Why in the world would you ever get furniture second hand? Even books scare the bejesus out of me. You just never know what those buggers might be hiding in.

Of course we now have an infestation at work. I keep my coat and purse in a sealed plastic bag in my desk. Paranoid? Yes. But there is no way that I am ever dealing with those things again.

Bed Bugs: The First Hand Freak Out Account
3/28/12 05:37 PM

I absolutely adore living alone, and it's only recently that I've found friends who feel the same way. I'm an only child and I spent most of my childhood in my own little world - it was the best. Having roommates in college was stressful, and no matter how much money I could be saving, I would never, ever live with a roommate again. Frankly the idea of moving into a house with a significant other isn't exactly thrilling either - I think I could totally rock the idea of separate living arrangements like MACKHEATH1. That or I'm going to need some sort of huge house to escape into.

In graduate school everyone in my cohort lived in each others pockets (they all moved in together eventually), and I always had to make up excuses go home and eat my peanut butter in my underwear in peace. I think the strangest "alone" behavior I'm currently doing (besides living in my pj's) is keeping a pile of cardboard in the corner of my living room. I had friends side-eying me last night, but large pieces of cardboard are so good for craft projects!

The Joys and Drawbacks of Living Solo
3/24/12 07:12 PM

I'm about to move into an 850 sq ft one bedroom apartment and it seems just about right for just me. I'm psyched to finally room for a real dining room table and a laundry room, but every time I type it, it seems huge to me. Currently I'm in about 600 sq ft and I think the biggest problem is how the space is set up. I'd rather half the bedroom and have a dining room.

Average Home Sizes around the World
7/20/11 11:06 AM

Oh, wow, what a gorgeous boat! This is making me miss those summers on the family Cape Dory.

Traditional Gulets: The Best Boat Vacation in Turkey Ever
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7/20/11 09:56 AM

Maybe I've lived in California for too long but anything above the bed that's more than a picture or a headboard just makes me nervous. One earthquake and bam concussion. Other than that it looks lovely.

Before & After: AJ Takes His Bedroom from Drab to Fab
Handjobs (For the Home)

3/14/11 07:57 PM

Neighbor noise is basically my worst nightmare but what I've noticed is that a little preparation goes a long way. When I first moved into my current apartment I brought homemade cookies to my neighbors below me and next to me just to introduce myself. Fast forward six months later and I would swear that the girl below me had a super loud boyfriend. I heard loud laughing, a strong man's voice talking constantly, and random crying. I never knew what to do. Finally in the middle of a work deadline I went downstairs and asked her if she could just keep it down a little, and to please let me know if my noise level was ever too much. Turns out, she listens to books on tape, and she readily agreed to turn down her stereo.

Frankly I'm looking forward to buying a house just for the noise insulation alone.

Experience With Noise Absorbing Ceilings?
Good Questions

3/11/11 11:51 AM

I have a friend who got knocked out while trying to reach for a jar of flour on top of her fridge. Taught me to never store anything heavy up high unless I barely use it.

Cabinet-Top Storage: Darling or Dangerous?
1/24/11 12:49 PM

I'm a huge reader, have a large collection, and while I once tried to organize by color, it just seemed persnickety to me.

9 Ways to Organize Books: Which Is Your Style?
1/14/11 01:22 PM

Eep, what about bed bugs? I stay away from anything used that I can't throw in the washer and dryer or wipe down cleanly that won't house anything.

Tips for Mastering the Fine Art of Dumpster Diving
12/29/10 07:36 PM

Having peacock feathers in the home is supposed to be bad luck. Am I the only person who's heard this?

12/17/10 04:28 PM

I love the vintage feel! So pretty!

Alexandria's Old Soul Apartment
House Call

10/6/10 10:29 AM

I love all the light! From one grad student to another, having a restful place to come home to after a long day is an absolute must.

Lisl's Student Apartment
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10/6/10 10:28 AM

I save those plastic tabs that come on bread and English muffins in a jar in my kitchen - they come in handy for labeling wires, keys, cords, anything. I don't consider it a collection so much as smart recycling.

6 Things To Collect That Won't Cost A Cent
9/15/10 12:59 PM

I always like to having a cross in my apartment somewhere. I'm Catholic and in my family after Palm Sunday you take the palm fronds woven into crosses home to be tucked into paintings and mirrors around the house.

Setting up Home: Superstitions
8/20/10 11:16 AM

I've never been so relieved to live in Ohio. $415/mo for 625 sq. ft. However, it is the corner of no and where.

10 Cities Where Renting Is Better Than Buying Mint Life | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/29/10 11:50 AM