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These are a very nice idea, and I've seen them all over Europe, but in reality they do very little. When cool mist humidifiers first hit the market in a big way, a colleague mentioned an article he read that said if your take a room's worth of Sarah desert air, it contains several gallons of water -- so a little humidifier with a gallon or 2 reservoir makes a very small dent in the dryness problem.

Old School Tech: Radiator Humidifiers
9/4/13 08:15 PM

Really? My Taylor and Larivee both came with specific instructions about keeping the cases humidified. Any luthiers out there care to comment? I kind of suspected that what OP is saying is accurate, as I've never, ever best humidifier an acoustic and I've never had problems. Then again, I don't have any really old acoustics.

Good Questions: Humidifier Recommendations?
Los Angeles

8/26/13 01:57 AM

I don't know if there is one. My Vornado wick humidifier didn't die, but the fan started making noise after two years. I took it back to bed bath and got store credit.

We used the store credit to buy a $200 Air-o-Swiss (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=14275070&RN=880&KSKU=109948&). It was not worth the money. The buttons on the front were wobbly as though they were poorly constructed. There was no way to dim the lights. The unit emitted a constant hum unless it was unplugged. When you turned it off, it would lose all programing. Say if you set it at 50%, it would revert back to 60% every time you pressed the power button on and off. It was whisper quiet though, and it seemed to dump a ton of moisture in the air.

5 Humidifiers to Consider
8/20/13 01:28 AM

Now, my brain is changing themes towards adding some woodland touches here and there to tie it all together. I already bought an owl humidifier :D lol.

My thinking was to order three of these prints from Etsy I like the beaver, the fox, and the owl. I would hang these centered across the orange accent wall (with the crib and glider).

NOW to my question- is it too manly or could a little girl live in this room too? I know the orange is dark-ish, the furniture is dark, etc. I want to make sure that if I have a little girl, she will like it too!

Benefits of Humidifier or Vaporizer In the Nursery?
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7/31/13 11:39 PM