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Incredibly tasteful!

Paul & Katie's Vintage Modern Bellevue Loft House Tour
7/22/14 03:51 AM

I also found the author's tone offensive disrespectful to the AT reader.

This home tour, on the other hand, bursts with unique details and bold statements!

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/13/14 04:24 AM

The living room has a wonderful Oriental vibe! I'm also a great fan of the wall paint in the kitchen and the bedroom.

Christina's Comfortable, Collected Austin Abode House Tour
7/13/14 04:10 AM

OH MY GOD! This so so freaking amaziiiiing arghhhh!

Ashley's Soft Industrial Artist Loft House Tour
7/10/14 10:47 AM

Omg the layout of this house is so confusing but there's so many great details in every corner of every room that make it such a wonderful home!

Ali & Dustin's \"Beach House Getaway\" in Downtown Denver House Tour
7/3/14 03:48 AM

Love this tour! The gallery wall in the living room is a great memento of all your travels.

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/25/14 04:50 AM

blah blah blah

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/25/14 04:48 AM

Fantastic! Cleaning would be a nightmare, though.

Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft House Tour
6/20/14 07:47 AM

I love the white with gold pallet!

Myka and George's Modern Abode House Tour
6/20/14 07:27 AM

So depressing. Especially the bathrooms and the bedrooms :/

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/20/14 06:46 AM

Where do we draw the line between “appropriate” forms of cultural exchange and more damaging patterns of cultural appropriation?
I don’t know that there is a thin, straight line between them. But even if the line between exchange and appropriation twists in many ways, it has a definite starting point: Respect.
I feel like this is what is most offensive in this post.

Liz's Exuberant Row House House Tour
6/11/14 12:17 PM

Also, for those of you who buy Chobani, be aware that Chobani uses milk from cows fed GMOs.

What's The Difference Between Regular and Greek Yogurt? Ingredient Intelligence
6/4/14 01:36 PM

My number one choice is Bulgarian yogurt. It is also creamy in taste yet it is not as thick as Greek yogurt and contains the Bulgaricus strand of live culture which is the most beneficial in supporting one's health. The power of probiotics is incredible so I only buy yogurt that's rich in good bacteria.

What's The Difference Between Regular and Greek Yogurt? Ingredient Intelligence
6/4/14 01:31 PM

Kerra, I love your apartment so well designed and cozied up.
All your precious travel collection items are so endearing; I even recognized one of them (the little doll on cabinet under the TV) to be from my home country Bulgaria. Thanks for sharing :)

Kerra's Picture-Perfect Perch House Tour
5/30/14 02:59 PM

The pink painted room is the dressing room. Unlike you, I love the living room paint it works so well with the furniture and the art pieces.

Kerra's Picture-Perfect Perch House Tour
5/30/14 02:52 PM

I'm captivated by this space! I love all your furniture and thoughtful details! I'm stealing some ideas, for sure :)

Erin's Modern Loft House Tour
5/15/14 12:07 PM

I found your comment to be an arrogant example of ageism. not a "grandmas house", really?

Bernadette's Cool, Colorful & Contemporary Austin Home House Tour
5/11/14 01:30 PM

I like the space but the dining room "bench" and and the decorative pillows are too matchy matchy I would have probably thrown a couple of neutrals/beige pillows to go with the rustic look of the coffee table (which is absolutely fantastic!).

Alison's Sophisticated and Posh London Home House Tour
5/11/14 01:25 PM

I love this home! So many favorite elements, including the Souther Salazar paintings (!!), tapestry in the bedroom, dining room table, and def Arlo's handmade dolls!

Carrie & Hal's Modern Bohemian Home House Tour
5/4/14 01:15 PM

The Rope shelf looks great! I will try to recreate it.

25 Small Bathroom Ideas You Can DIY
5/2/14 02:45 PM