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Interesting... I'd like it even more if the feet were orange or turquoise... But then, I am rather obsessed with orange and turquoise.

Marble & Wood Table with Neon Accents by Why Not Bespoke ICFF 2013
5/19/13 02:22 PM

I've gotten some REALLY cool vases here. Flower pots, too. And I've bought loads of things for various shoots, too. It's a DANGEROUS store as its hard to leave empty handed...

Show Off Your Finds and Win! HOMEGOODS
5/19/13 02:20 PM

In LA there is this variety of Aloe that gets HUGE. Like big bushes and sport reddish flowers when they bloom. It's the most common aloe around out here. And I propogated it many times by reaching into the plant and breaking off a few excess branches, not just leaves... The cutting looks like a small aloe plant. You cut it cleaning and in a week I repot it in potting soil and leave it be for a couple of weeks. One pot, turned red and then I watered it. Four years later, this pot is HUGE.

SIDE NOTE: I have a patio that faces north. And is in the shallow of a fence AND a five story building... But to my surprise, succulents absolutely THRIVE in the indirect light.

How To Propagate Cacti & Succulents Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/18/13 02:42 AM

This just baffles me. It doesn't look Art Deco -- but rather like a bad purse. Sorry, the original was gorgeous... This is a trainwreck.

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
5/17/13 11:19 PM

Nelson Bubble Lamps? At the Modernica sale? YES! Tons. They had a whole room of them in various styles. I didn't pay much attention to the prices as we were getting politely kicked out... (It was well after nine and the event was thus over...) But they had plenty of bubble lamps for sure. On the map it's in a separate building...

The Weekend Guide:
National Sales & Events Calendar May 17, 2013

5/17/13 03:14 PM

I hit the presale gala last night at modernica. The deals -- are plentiful. The fiberglass chairs, especially. The have a vast wall of shells sorted by shape and color and you pick out what you want. Somebody then writes you up as to which base you want and they assemble if for you on the spot...

I went with the quirky Low Rod base in Chrome and a Orange shell. The price? $160. Versus $295. So a hell of a deal. I know there is controversy galore regarding these versus the DRW "official" versions. But to me, the look and feel of fiberglass TRUMPS all. Also, a recent visit to LACMA's Stark Bar showed just how poorly the DWR ones can age. Sadly, they just don't stand up to rigorous use. Many were SO scuffed and battered looking... No wonder they trumpet how they can no be recycled...

I picked up a Modernica Armshell Rocker and it still looks brand new and I actually sit in it all the time. I have very few chairs... (Small apartment!)

We got there late and had to run through really quick. But the Case Study Daybeds were also about 700 off. So 1200.

PS -- Be sure to peek into the Factory where you can watch them make the fiber glass chairs. Very, very cool. What can I say -- I really did the fiberglass chairs. Design fetish of mine, I guess? :)

The Weekend Guide:
National Sales & Events Calendar May 17, 2013

5/17/13 12:31 PM

HazelStone, if you are a jackass -- then we both are. The after is just blah and wouldn't much inspire me to buy carpet... Instead, I'd be like. Oh, right. I think I'll do a wood floor instead...

Before & After: Chicago's FLOR Store
Gets a Makeover

4/25/13 06:31 PM

Too white for my taste -- but still, a vast improvement! (And I love color, so it's juat a personal bias...) The kitchen, especially, went from drab to fab! :)

Before & After: A Brooklyn Apartment's Dramatic Transformation The Sweeten
4/15/13 06:57 PM

I like this -- but I will echo the comment about the legs. A brighter, more bold shade of turquoise will really POP against that rich,fabulous color of the dark wood. :)

Before & After: Upcycled Bookshelf
4/15/13 06:46 PM

The painted Jar idea is REALLY cool... I love how it looks. So you have an tips for the best paint to use?

3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Paint Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
4/13/13 04:22 PM

Looks amazing! I love that you kept the original hardware -- that gives it all the more character. Your color choices are solid, too. Sure, I'd have gone orange instead of the green -- but that's just because I am OBSESSED with orange and turquoise right now. Really, really great work here. So much fun!

Before & After: A Fresh Look for a $5 Thrift Store Dresser
4/10/13 05:34 AM

This is just too ugly for words. Ghastly. An absolute horror...

The Ultimate DIY Container Garden
4/10/13 05:14 AM

I really like this one, actually. The deliberate primitive herrringbone is amazing. And I think those orange knobs make it "PoP!" Love it. Bravo!

Before & After: DIY Herringbone Dresser Henry Happened
4/10/13 05:08 AM

Not my taste at all, but I appreciate the effort. I can't imagine how tricky it must have been with such a defined pattern.

Before & After: Cristin's Mod Podge
Buffet Makeover

4/10/13 05:05 AM

So sorry about the typos. I know it ought to be YOUR --dang it. Somehow, I forgot you can't edit posts here. Whoops!

Keane's Less-Is-More, Modern Woodland Nursery Nursery Tour
3/20/13 02:39 AM

Look, nice work You're whole room is lovely... but THAT dresser rules all! BRAVO! Love it. Simply adore it! Stunningly wise period-accurate color choices knock all your hard work right out of the park...

Keane's Less-Is-More, Modern Woodland Nursery Nursery Tour
3/20/13 02:36 AM

How exciting! I actually KNOW this room. I actually KNOW this house! I actually KNOW this Heather! Congrats, Heather! Looking good! I especially love the simplicity of keeping the stripes on just the one wall.

Heather's Horizontal Striped Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/19/13 03:31 AM

Yikes.... I'd seriously call goodwill and start over.

Okay, that was harsh, but none of these pieces are my style. That said --- not everything can be made to work together...I think there are simply too many styles and eras going on here. Nothing works. And yes --- the utter absence of color is beyond depressing. It's all just very blah.

Rug & Ottoman or Table to Help Tie Room Together?
Good Questions

1/4/11 06:04 PM

Ugh. I loathe this look. It's hideous. Tacky. White trash gone rich... Just NOT a good look ever. Too Caesar's Palace. Vomit. Barf!

Apartment Therapy DC | Busting Out: An Old Classic Makes a Trendy Comeback
8/27/09 10:53 PM

Oh, man. I so love A-Frames! And this one has been done over in a great way... I am totally digging all the color... Just a real stand out all around. Makes me wish I wasn't such a LOSER and could rush out instead and buy it! Ugh, I hate my life...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mount Washington A-Frame Woodsy Retreat
8/4/09 02:14 AM