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Thanks so much for this info. As we move into a much more paperless society, it's important to know what you really need to keep around (at least for a while). We're in the process of cleaning out SO MUCH old paperwork from our office in an attempt to make things more streamlined and efficient:

Drowning in Paper? What to Keep, What to Toss, What to Digitize Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 09:51 AM

Great info. We looked at lot maps and the census data to try to figure out some of our house's history. We're constantly running into surprises as we renovate and design things inside and outside (old wallpaper behind bulkheads, lampshades inside ductwork), and it's fun to imagine what happened in our house's previous "lives."

Here's our story: A Rather Square History

Home Histories: How To Discover Who Used to Live in Your Home
10/3/13 03:53 PM

What a great unique and eclectic space for a kid to grow up in!

Logan's Vintage Charmer My Room
7/31/13 01:20 PM

I'm doing both pesto-freezing and herb-drying with my herbs this summer. I've got the usual basil and oregano, but I've also got a lot of sage that I'm not sure how to store once the growing season is over. Pesto or dried? Is sage pesto a thing?

Even I Can Grow Herbs in the Summer (And You Can Too)
7/31/13 01:17 PM