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I would give this a try with a slight modification, make it feel firmly intentional by adding an outline to ~20% of the color intersection with a thin line of bold color. A fawn brown like Ben. Moore lake shore trail, a dark rose like Ben. Moore pink corsage or a slate blue like Ben. Moore mozart blue would work with the warm white/light blue shown.

Perfectly Imperfect Decorative Paint Treatment
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1/4/11 03:20 PM

The litter robot is fantastic! It may not be the most stylish option, but it is a huge leap in quality of life for both me and my two kittens. It makes litter box cleaning a weekly instead of daily task, and keeps their box clean all day while I'm at work.

When my two first came home they developed an immediate attraction to scratching a pair of mid-century lounge chairs from my grandfather. I used my mom's method of a squirt gun whenever they scratched the chair and a treat when they scratched their cardboard scratchers. It only took them three squirts to leave the chair alone.

It sounds like your kitty will be indoor only, so keep nail trimming in mind as well. If her nails are short and well kept her urge to scratch won't be as strong.

Also, cardboard boxes make fabulous nooks/hiding places for new kittens, once they are more comfortable you can cut holes in it for a disposable kitty play structure.

Good luck with your new companion!

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8/4/09 06:20 PM

Names come to homes from experience or character, I think you may want to solicit your friends and visitors for ideas. That said, 'Peregrine Perch' springs to mind looking at your pictures. The house is sleek, perched up high, and decorated in Peregrine colors (white/cream, browns & blacks). The ceilings swoop and dive, and the exterior feels like a solitary falcon's coop set on a cliff.

I like homes with names, they set a tone; fun, quirky, welcoming, inspiring. Our homes always seem to acquire a name fairly quickly. Our current place is called the 'Buena Vista Inn & Suites", its a bit long but it fits our little 1100 sq ft/2bdrm/1bth perfectly. We manage 4 guests all right and frequently have friends call to make their reservations.

We're tucked away in the back of a small rural beach town south of San Francisco, so our friends come to relax and enjoy the sea breeze in the summer and cozy up with a fire in the winter. We don't have much space but we are always open for friends.

Peregrine Perch springs to mind looking at your

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7/23/09 02:42 AM

The Weber Q is fantastic! The cast iron cooking grate makes a huge difference, it retains heat and has narrow gaps that make grilling veggies quite easy.

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7/1/09 01:56 AM

Canned tuna is so versatile, I love all the great new recipes to try! Tuna is my one of my pantry staples, for super quick I go with my ginger/garlic tuna, if I have a bit more time I enjoy carmelized onion, tuna, klamata olive & capers pasta.

For the ginger/garlic: 10 min ( rice cooking time)
1. saute 2 cloves chopped garlic 1tbsp grated ginger.
2. flash off a splash of rice wine vinegar
3. add drained can of tuna (flaked but not mushed), turn up the heat and let it color
4. add splash of soy sauce, dash of sesame oil and a sprinkle of sesame seeds-serve w/rice & furikake

for the pasta:
1. carmelize 1 med onion
2. flash off 1/4 c. dry vermouth
3. mix ~1 tablespoon flour with ~1 cup milk or half & half, and add to pan, let thicken
4.season with salt & pepper
5. cook favorite pasta
6. mix pasta w/ creamy onion sauce
7. top with flaked canned tuna, diced klamata olives, capers and if on hand a bit of lemon zest & parmesan

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5/26/09 11:22 PM