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I love how you set up this post with everything and its opposite. Got me thinking about those 'friends' (more like colleagues or acquaintances) that always seem to have something punchy or negative to say about your space, whether too big, too small, too colorful, too neutral. I've actually stopped spending as much time with those suppressive, passive aggressive personality-types, and I feel tons better for it!

Your Home, Your Choice: 10 Home Explanations You Don't Owe
6/29/14 10:53 AM

Happy Birthday AP & Kitchn, and best wishes for continued community and success! Thank you for all the inspiration and information--You're my only go-to blogs for home and kitchen.

Happy Birthday, The Kitchn! May 2004 - May 2014
5/8/14 03:40 PM

Agreed, @Nyumba!

10 Tips on Developing Your Own Style
2/17/14 03:55 PM

I agree and am inspired to do my own de-cluttering with most of these, except for the mugs. And, folks, it's not just about the emotional attachment to these souvenir mugs. I've had several parties and informal gatherings this last fall and winter where I served hot mulled cider (with different spiking options next to the pot!) or gluwine to great success. Folks loved drinking out of their own unique mugs, and nobody got them mixed up when they set them down on tables and countertops! Win/win! Where I used to feel guilty about hanging onto them, I now feel like a well-equipped host!

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
2/14/14 02:00 PM

Thank you, Maxwell! Should I bother with getting the paint around and on the sides of the thing in the middle of the vent? (It's kind of a divider/open-close thingy, exactly like what I've seen in your photos.)

How To Paint Your Floors and Not Screw it Up
2/12/14 03:35 PM

Great post! I have a question about those metal baseboard heating fixtures. I have the exact same ones as yours in the photos, and I've been wondering for a while if I could paint them when I repaint several of our rooms, and if so, with what type of paint. Even in rooms we don't intend to paint, the baseboard heaters do need some touching up, so I was just wondering if someone could give me suggestions on what product(s) to use. TIA!

How To Paint Your Floors and Not Screw it Up
2/3/14 01:56 PM

Planning to do this soon! Question: how long do I need to plan in advance for the normal time it takes the pudding to cool/set in the fridge, without using the sheet pan method? Thanks for the recipe!

How To Make Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
9/26/13 05:05 PM