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now those are some speakers that i wouldn't mind having in my house.
they look like bright red pieces of art instead of the normal ugly speakers that my husband insists on using!

Shauntelle & Dave's Controlled Kitsch - Part 1
House Tour

8/19/10 12:45 PM

I agree with kojo97.
People are really getting nasty on this site.
If you don't like a tour that is fine....but to be a bitch or an asshole is rude!

Jennifer's Retro Residence
House Tour

8/13/10 04:23 PM


Harriet's Nature Inspired, Designer High Rise
House Tour

8/5/10 07:53 PM

Am I missing some of the tour? Where is the kitchen?

Josh & Sarah's Retro Somerville Condo
House Tour

7/28/10 06:18 PM

I live in Ventura and WANT TO BUY THOSE CHAIRS! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2009: Vinh's Home Soul Little Division #48
5/25/09 08:58 PM