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How to get labels off?

After a few uses as leftover jars and the subsequent dishwasher run after each use, the labels are no problem. I might poke and scrape at one for a minute, but that's it.

You can rid stinky jars of their smells by letting the sun bleach it out over a few days.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Glass Jars: Our Favorite Thing to Repurpose
9/20/09 11:54 PM

White bedding suggestions?
Ikea has a few that caught my eye.

OFELIA has a nice off-white stripe-texture cotton/synthetic pillow cover. (One pack comes with two colors. Personally, I would buy two of the two packs and give the blue-grays to a friend.) I've been eyeing their popcorn-texture throw for ages. Ofelia prettymuch has a nice diversity of (mismatched?) white textiles.

Another product line, THISTED, reminds me of mid-century bedspreads. Ikea offers a bedspread and square pillow case.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: White Bedrooms from Pine Cone Hill
5/25/09 01:11 AM