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I would love the name of your upholsterer if they are in the NYC area!

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
4/28/14 02:58 PM

Laura IS an organizer! :)

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Laura's Living Better With Less
4/14/14 09:54 PM

Is it available for Android?

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 02:52 PM

Crate and Barrel.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/21/14 11:57 PM

The prints are also from Crate and Barrel.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/21/14 09:25 PM

I too have pets, but the cushions looks like if an adult didn't do it for design purposes, maybe an 8 year old did. ;)

5 Warning Signs Your Home Isn't Working For You
1/18/14 01:45 PM

While I haven't read the article yet, anyone find the karate chopped sofa cushion in the photo strange? Karate chopping a pillow is one thing (and not a good thing, necessarily) ... but Is that something you'd want to do to a back sofa cushion?

5 Warning Signs Your Home Isn't Working For You
1/18/14 11:37 AM

I am also a messy person and I also do 1, 2, 3 and 5! It works for me!

One Minute with a Professional Organizer:
5 Top Tips for a More Organized Closet Apartment Therapy Videos

1/10/14 02:01 PM

Please excuse all of my typos - I'm a terrible editor!

Figue 15 Candle
1/5/14 03:22 PM

I am so glad you mentioned the renovation of his rentals (especially the current one). I hope the landlord at least paid for all the materials (In NYC, it can be hard to get a landlord to pay for or fix anything).

Figue 15 Candle
1/5/14 02:39 PM

I am also confused about the re-posting, but the main point of commenting is about the candle,
A few years ago, A friend stayed with me in Brooklyn for quite a few months while he got settled. As a thank you/birthday gift, he bought me of a Le Labo candles in Santal. I went on their website and saw they had a Figue one. On my actual birthday, I went to their LES store and on a splurge, purchased it. Now, I am not one to go around spending $70 on a candle, but it was my birthday and I was wrapped up in the moment of a fancy NYC experience (for those who don't live here, it can be kind of easy to do). I am definitely not in the 1%, but I am also not someone who lives above their means on credit.

Please note that these candles are a much, MUCH better quality than a candle you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond. Also note you can probably get something almost as good at Whole Foods/Whole Body for 1/3 of the cost. A lot of cheap candles have harmful chemicals in the wax and probably in the wicks - you want to avoid those things.

I do enjoy that the Le Labo website states, "The glass is re-usable as a beautiful pen holder or as something heavy that you can throw at someone you particularly dislike."

Figue 15 Candle
1/5/14 02:07 PM

If you mean where to store your inventory list and photos, I would store it digitally - email it to yourself, your insurance agent, or save it on cloud storage. (Dropbox has free storage up to 2gb. Amazon also might have some free cloud storage. These are just a few.)

Quick Peace of Mind Weekend Task: Update Your Insurance Inventory
1/5/14 12:52 PM

I think this is seriously fun and love the black and white stripes.
But - I. would. not. use. ELECTRICAL. tape.

Washer & Dryer Makeover: Temporary, Fast & Just $8 A Beautiful Mess
12/27/13 02:09 PM

If the opening is big enough, you can also use these as an ice pack!

My Latest Obsession: The Hot Water Bottle
12/23/13 09:12 PM

@Linda7438 - I just purchased LED Flood lights for my canned dimmable lights in my front entry (Cree @ Home Depot, ironically!). I got the soft white (slightly warm) and I love the light.

Six Ways to Save Money While Fixing Up Your Home for the Holidays
11/4/13 02:04 PM

The sofa was an 'unused' sofa to begin with, not a brand new sofa.

On Patience & Waiting for the Perfect Piece
9/15/13 10:25 AM

What about a list of Apps that you can easily use offline? I usually want to use reader apps on the subway, and some applications won't launch any data without a connection.

6 Read-It-Later Apps for Commuters Weekly Smartphone App Roundup
8/9/13 12:52 PM

This has been the best post in a long time. So personal, so much personality, and not perfect. And yet, so perfect. And real life budget dumpster diving. LOVE IT.

Ryan's Artist Loft in Bushwick House Tour
8/4/13 12:25 PM

@aprilphresh - This may not mirror what is on a Chrome Browser. I cannot stream any shows on Hulu on my Google tv Chrome browser. I can access the website, but cannot stream (which is pointless). But I can stream Hulu via Chrome on my pc.

A $35 Television Game Changer: Chromecast
7/25/13 04:26 PM

I have a Sony Google tv I purchased a couple years ago. I love it. It's outside design is pleasing to the eye and I love being able to browse, stream and use certain apps on a 32" screen. Note that it came with a Hulu app, but then Google and Hulu had legal conflicts. So, my tv cannot stream from Hulu, but I can use Playon for free because there is an agreement for GoogleTv users. So, note this device may not be able to stream Hulu directly.
The description on the Chromecast page does say that you have to connect the device to WiFi (so, it does not create it's own WiFi internet connection).

A $35 Television Game Changer: Chromecast
7/25/13 02:58 PM