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The Vers Audio clock is great, but the website says it's not available and I can't find it anywhere else on the internet. It is discontinued? Does anyone know where I could find something comparable?

10 Totally Awesome Alarm Clocks

3/24/11 04:49 PM

Obviously, it's his to do with as he wishes. But if you're going to submit your B&A to a blog, you're going to get feedback, positive and negative. Why are people angry that other people are angry? This is the internet, people! That's how it works! Honestly, if I wanted a chorus of peace and love and "everybody's a winner in their own way!" I'd go to a Christian summer camp.

I prefer the Before. I don't mind the After as a stand-alone piece, but I agree it would have been a better project to execute on a dresser that had damaged veneer or had already been painted by some other nitwit. Sell the original and hit up a thrift store for a boxy dresser with no legs. There are millions of those out there. I agree that IKEA quality sucks, but I also think this particular transformation is the opposite of "timeless" so it wouldn't matter so much if the piece fell apart after a few years.

My own great grandmothers were doing their house-decorating in the 1920s, so the fact that people on here have hip MCM great-grandmothers makes me feel OLD.

Before & After: Ben's One-of-a-Kind Wallpapered Dresser
3/15/11 10:15 PM

We have one in the bedroom that we mainly only use now and then on weekend mornings. He watches football, I read, and we can snuggle up together in bed for an hour or two. I love that time we spend together before we head out to our computers to work. It's also handy when I have friends over in the living room and there's some can't-miss sporting event he needs to watch (seeing any patterns here?).
I actually find the internet to be way more of a time-sucking brain drain than TV, but maybe I just have better self-control with the TV.

TVs in the Bedroom | Apartment Therapy New York
1/22/10 03:35 PM

I tried to watch the documentary a few years ago after hearing raves about how fascinating it was. I had to turn it off after about 30 minutes because I did not find the women amusing or hilarious or quirky or whatever. They were mentally ill and sad. And the fact that we have a documentary, a musical, and a movie commemorating and celebrating their "eccentricity," and yet no one was able to help them while they were alive is doubly-sad.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Grey Gardens: An Extreme Example of How a Home Reflects Its Inhabitants
4/16/09 06:53 PM

@katillathehun I've been using the Devachan No-Poo for several years and my (naturally curly) hair is not oily or greasy at all. I'm a complete convert to the Devachan system. I get compliments on my hair all the time, it is quicker to style and is no longer the bane of my existence.

Devachan is big on the difference between "shampooing" and "cleansing." You can cleanse your hair and scalp without the harsh ingredients in your basic shampoo. Whatever the lathering agent is in shampoo is really damaging to your hair and the lather doesn't do anything you couldn't do with your fingers and a vigorous scrubbing. Honestly, I don't see what's "gross" or "dirty" about not wanting to damage your hair and scalp with harsh chemicals that don't actually have any benefit. It's not like I'm not showering or cleaning myself/my hair.

Apartment Therapy New York | The "No-'Poo" Movement
3/24/09 10:45 PM

Yes, also me please.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/14/08 09:42 AM

Yeah, an 850sf house for a family of four (or more) in Austin is much different than a 850sf loft for a bachelor in NYC. I'm sure the editors of AT can weed out those who are truly "living small" in 850sf from those who are not. Large families in small homes have their own design challenges to deal with (tiny bedrooms, lack of storage space, etc.) and I look forward to seeing the creative solutions to those problems. I don't think this is a question of AT abandoning its roots. It's simply evolving and becoming a little less NYC-centric, and more inclusive of how families in other parts of the country live in their own small spaces.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2008: Get Ready for April!
3/25/08 12:23 PM

I recently refinished a couple of Lane thrift store tables, Bo Placebo. One, I think, is from the Acclaim line. It was my first time refinishing anything and I think they turned out bee-yoo-tiful. Anyway, both were in really ragged shape, so I first stripped them with a combination of a gel stripper and another product whose name I'm blanking on. It's a liquid that comes in a tin container and it bills itself as an alternative to strippers. You put it on with steel wool and it has the same effect of removing the original finish. I got it at Home Depot. Once the finish was mostly removed, and against the advice of that website that's linked above, I used an electric sander on the table tops. The tables had some really nasty water stains and hand-sanding seemed really inefficient at the time (didn't realize it was so dangerous to the piece). I used a really fine sandpaper, though, and paid close attention to what I was doing. Once I got rid of the sawdust, I used a spray polyurethane to re-seal the wood. I did about four coats and wish now that I'd done a few more. They are defs not the most perfect/professionally-refinished pieces, but I think they look great and the difference between when I got them and how they look now is crazy. And it didn't take very long or cost very much.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Get an Area Rug on the Cheap
2/15/08 06:41 PM

I'm only imagining that the piece TB has drawn is similar to the look/function of a Trading Spaces piece, not that a Trading Spaces piece is similar to what a cabinetmaker would create if given time/budget to create something fantastic. And I'm *definitely* not imagining that anything I built is anywhere near as good as a professional woodworker would have made. I have a vivid imagination, but I ain't crazy! In that "woodworker as heart surgeon" metaphor, I'm the lady who took a CPR class in 8th grade.

I read "apartment" as "not permanent." I'm an apartment dweller and I don't care how nice and well-crafted it is, if I can't take it with me, I would not spend $7000 on some shelves/cabinets. Especially when I could build something (less durable, less custom, no amazing finishes, MUCH shittier! etc.) to suit the same function for 1/20th that. That's me reading into the question a bit, but TB's question wasn't "why is this quote not insane for a quality, handcrafted piece that will be left standing after the apocalypse and will give me a rush of pleasure each time I gaze upon it?" It was "how can I do this more cheaply to get some more storage?" So I don't think highest quality is his/her top consideration either.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Ideas of Where To Get This Bookshelf Made?
2/14/08 12:20 PM

I have a TV in the bedroom but it's almost never on. BUT I just got over the flu and I don't know what I would have done without a TV in the bedroom during *that* ordeal. What do people do when all they can do is lay in bed, no one wants to come near them and their brains are too fever-addled to read? Or do you just not get sick in the first place?

Rejecting someone outright over a TV in the bedroom without knowing their reasons/viewing habits seems really judgmental to me. That said, I agree that the TV in the pic is hideous and insane.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Would You if He/She Had a TV?
2/14/08 11:06 AM

I built my own bookshelves and though the project was slightly less complicated, structure-wise, than yours, I ended up with 48 linear feet of pine shelving. I'm not sure how pine would compare price-wise with MDF or plywood for this particular application, but the total cost for my wood was somewhere between 50-100 bucks and the total labor was about two days (which included staining the wood). It probably would have been less labor if I had any idea what I was doing before I started. So $7000 sounds nutz to me too. I understand paying good money for a well-crafted, time-consuming piece, but your proposed idea looks like something they'd slap together in an afternoon on Trading Spaces (in fact, I'm almost positive I've seen nearly identical pieces done on Trading Spaces). I don't mean that as a dig, just that it looks relatively straightforward and like it doesn't require very fancy materials. Maybe you should try to figure out how to build it yourself. Making a bookshelf is not the hardest thing in the world, especially if you don't care about it being totally perfect.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Ideas of Where To Get This Bookshelf Made?
2/14/08 01:14 AM

So cute! Want one!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Igloo Candle Holder from Clio Home
12/20/07 12:29 PM

It's not tatting. It's crochet.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: More Knit Lighting at Michelle Varian
12/6/07 06:12 PM

Ugh, the pic in the link looks equally poorly knit! I don't understand how this can cost so much and look so shoddy. This looks like it was somebody's very first knitting project. The idea kind of reminds me of the little knit candle holders Anthropologie had last year, except those were super cute and this is fugs.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Knit Pendant at Michele Varian
11/17/07 09:39 PM

Hmmm... this is really a neat idea, but it looks very sloppily and unevenly knit. Is that just the pic, or is that how it is? Love the concept, not sure about the execution in this case.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Knit Pendant at Michele Varian
11/16/07 07:19 PM

This is almost exactly like a project from Readymade: http://readymademag.com/printarchive/article?id=348

I think Martha's example is WAY nicer looking, though.

Apartment Therapy - How to Make a Classy Light Bright
11/4/07 03:05 PM

I think maybe one of the reasons people are wary of entering is because last year's commenters were so ... blunt-bordering-on-mean. People who feel like their apartments are still works-in-progress don't want to enter this year because they don't want to get ripped to shreds by the sharks.

I really hope the new commenting system takes that element out of the contest. I think it would be so much better if Small 'n' Cool were more about celebrating individual style and creativity than about having a catalog-worthy apartment.

Small Cool 2007: If U Enter, U Will Win!
3/29/07 12:59 PM

Yeah, more pics! The way I have my 185 square foot apartment set up, it would be impossible to get it all in three shots. Does the three pictures allowed include a floorplan? Or can it be three pics plus optional floorplan? I'd love to see floorplans for other tiny spaces!

Small Cool 2007: Are U In Yet?
3/28/07 10:35 AM