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Thanks for all the great feedback guys... I'm Randy, the designer of the apartment. Geoffrey was an exceptional client that was great working with.

If you want to see more pictures of the apartment, including the before pictures, you can go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/24092131@N03/sets/72157626355169493/

Thanks again!

Geoffrey's Urban Blessing
4/27/11 01:30 PM

Thanks for all the comments guys.. you can see the rest of this residence here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/24092131@N03/sets/72157624611964265/

Interior Design Remix by Randy Kaufman
Professional Project

2/27/11 07:04 PM

UM...wow...talk about plagarism

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Geometric Mirror at Pottery Barn
8/8/08 10:24 AM

I have a great idea for this space... go out and buy a copy of STATUS ANXIETY by Alain de Botton and you will realize how pithy this post is! You can even put the book on your oversized coffee table...

For the love of god, the coffee table is not too damn big, your level of anxiety is. It's FINE. It works. In fact it's pretty nice. Now the next time you have someone who comes over and tells you that the coffee table is too big, go into the bathroom, splash some cold water on your face and repeat the following:

"it's only a coffee table, it's not me."
"it's only a coffee table, it's not me."
"it's only a coffee table, it's not me."

I guarantee you will feel better

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Should I Do With This Room?
8/1/08 09:33 AM

Domino was jizzing over this queen about a year ago...

There$ clearly alot of family money there, yet he's trying to be all AW SHUCKS I'm just a designer starting out vibe his PR people are trying to spin...

When your website is just a domain name (http://www.michaelbargoinc.com/ ) there probably isnt much in the way of being a "designer" other than "bored professional shopper who needs to list a career with the IRS or daddy won't be very happy"... when you are straight you go the Donald Trump's son's route...when you are gay you become a "decorator". And you MAKE sure the New York Times and the tri-state area knows about it...

I love how his "first apartment" is 1/2 a block from 5th Avenue within a pixie dust throw of Central Park. Just saying....

Apartment Therapy New York | Designer Michael Bargo Furnishes His First Apartment The New York Times 7.31.08
7/31/08 02:23 PM

why does every apartmenttherapy post start with a dinner party? seriously....is that the new key party for this decade?

jessus, what can be more obnoxious than discussing the values of pre-fab bizarchitecture over goat cheese roulades and garlique crostinis?

AMEN for this video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4HINhXvZRs

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Is Building A Prefab Cheaper Than Buying An Existing Home?
7/2/08 01:25 PM

TRUE BLUE that may very well be the most A.D.D. ridden response I have ever read on here, ever. FOCUS

Apartment Therapy New York | Openings/Closings: What Really Happened to Pottery Barn SoHo?
6/10/08 08:14 PM

Um...who wrote this sentence, a 3rd grader...
"Over at Racked there's no one knows for sure, but they've got some great commentary...."

It's pretty simple...their lease expired, and Hollister swooped in. You know that the powers that be at Hollister probably hit up SinVin Realty and proposed a heavy rent proposal that Pottery Barn just chose not to match. Or, maybe Pottery Barn came to the , I don't know, crazy realization that a company only needs one big flagship store in Manhattan, instead of two huge stores (Crate and Barrel, Home Depot, etc.), or GASP seven stores (DWR!).... People forget that Manhattan is a tiny little island, and it takes exactly 15 minutes, to get from the old Pottery Barn in SoHo to the one on 59th Street in Midtown East. It also has a very easy to use website and a great cataloguing program. So just because your neighborhood store closes doesn't mean that a company is folding.

And no I don't work for Pottery Barn, but I don't freak out when things like this happen. As a designer, I really actually liked going into the SoHo store but now I just have to make that much more effort to go to a different one. Also, the massive Crate and Barrel store opened right across the street from them, so maybe it was wise to not play second fiddle per se in that location. These companies have full time real estate and demographic whizzes working around the clock basically to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Apartment Therapy New York | Openings/Closings: What Really Happened to Pottery Barn SoHo?
6/10/08 12:51 PM

Here's a, I don't know, a crazy idea.... have them call an interior designer. GENIUS right?! I mean, yer just going to get a bunch of garbled nonsense from this board, when in reality you can actually get something done with a degree of professionalism from a member of the design community, not just a bunch of bitter desk bound bloggers with a penchant for midcentury modern nonsense and overworked pages of the Ikea catalogue.

If you haven't figured it out yet, designers can buy stuff at a DISCOUNTED cost because they are professionals that vendors actually trust. Therefore kind nuclear LA family, you won't have to DIY or do it over in 3 years when the novelty of the latest wallpaper or amazing lacquered bunny rabbit goes out of style.

Hiring an interior designer is not a luxury, its a necessity. You will get ONE point of view and that will make your home a success instead of having it ass-slapped together.

Happy decorating!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Family Wants Your Decor Help!
4/28/08 02:48 PM

The gays love to hide things. Read "The Velvet Rage" and you will see why.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors East Finalist #2: Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
11/12/07 10:43 AM

OK not to creep you out...but we basically did the same thing in our apartment..only we mounted a mirror in that area to open up the space. However when we did that, little did we know that we created a perfect dark, moist zone for cockaroachs to roam about and lay their eggs in. Within a few weeks we had a huge infestation. You have to remember roachs like three things, which is why they are mostly found in kitchen areas - surfaces they can rest in/behind, moisture, and heat. Putting something like this on the wall only makes it easier for them to congregate --they can get in ANYTHING - and would love to have a little roach farm living above your sick. I dont want to be a downder, but I am just suggesting that you repost here in a few weeks/month or two with what you find.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Backlit Backsplash
9/24/07 12:19 PM

They are opening a big showroom at ABC Carpet this fall.

Apartment Therapy - Blu Dot's Desk 51
9/19/07 09:13 AM


Apartment Therapy - Couch Buddy by Thierry D'Istria
8/29/07 09:12 AM

The entire sofa isn't printed with that image...it's just a throw. It was featured in the NY Times's Home Section last thursday.

Apartment Therapy - Couch Buddy by Thierry D'Istria
8/29/07 09:10 AM

I would do a pair of the Beverly Lounge Chairs from DESIRON... you can see a picture of it here

Good Questions: Got Chairs For Me?
7/23/07 11:59 AM

Find me one person in this city who owns anything ANYTHING from there (other than Todd Oldham). You won't be able too. Oh wait I did, on Craigslist, of course

Good GOD have you ever seen anything more attrocious in your life. Thank god we live in a city where you have options a few doors down...I can imagine living in Bumblefuck USA and LA-Z-BOY is your only option for anything.

Good Questions: Todd Oldham/La-Z-Boy Feedback?
7/18/07 10:46 AM

What are the measurements of the room? I would get a very large Sisal Rug from Pottery Barn or maybe a heavy wool rug from Angela Adams that can be put on top of that blue nightmare.

Use light upholstery colors and let the blue be the main color in the space. Myabe accentuate it with some lime green or tangerine pillows to dissolve the blue and not make it look like some kind of grandma room.

Good Questions: How Can I Make This Room Bearable?
7/11/07 12:31 PM

You should check out Desiron - the bed that you like looks very similar to the Lolita Bed that they offer...

and everything can be customized at Desiron so you can request to have it made taller or shorter - to you specifications. Also the bed can be made in 9 different steel finishes.

Good Questions: Which Bed Would You Recommend?
7/10/07 07:38 AM

I just moved into a bigger loft and I have had to go back to Ikea to get some basics.. its been a while but they have a great array of stuff...

Here's the best advice i can give. NEVER EVER go on a weekend. Why would you subject yourself to that! Just because the IKEA shuttle is free doesnt make it a bargain (the price you pay on your already shattered urban nerves).

Take the #111 bus from port Authority during the week. It runs right to IKEA and it is almost always empty. You can see the schedule here - http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/T0111.pdf
I think it costs $7 each way but it makes 1000% difference going there during the week. IKEA is basically empty or everyone, except for a few European moms with quite kids during the week. While we are at it, go during school hours and avoid the kids all together. I also have my iPod too to drown out any noise. I swear do this and it's like Swedish Utopia instead of horrific hipster hell.

Tips: Shopping at IKEA
7/9/07 12:21 PM