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I'm on the last 2 weeks of a pregnancy (thank goodness!), but I have had HORRIBLE indigestion problems since the first trimester. It did ease up a little during the 2nd trimester, though it never really went away, and now it's back with a vengeance at the end. On the instructions of my OB, I've been taking prevacid since the end of my 1st trimester because I could barely eat without it! It hasn't stopped it but it does take the edge off.

Others have given some good advice. One more suggestion is that it really seems to take trial and error. Lots of people say dairy is a problem, but it really didn't bother me. For me, sugary stuff has been the worst, which has been tough because I've been majorly craving sweet! Fatty foods and tomato-based dishes are the worst for me, and at this point I can't eat anything in those two categories or I'll be up all night and miserable. (I had a TINY slice of my son's frozen pizza the other night and was in pain for hours, ugh.) I have been eating a lot of very plain proteins, like lightly seasoned fish or chicken, or lean beef. Eggs are good, too. Yogurt helps, and actually apples have been great. Sometimes if I feel like indigestion is starting after dinner, I'll eat a half apple and it actually calms things down. I've learned to stay away from spices. Not just hot-spicy, but really anything with too many spices. A couple months ago I had some completely mild curry from a local Indian restaurant. There was literally nothing hot-spicy about it, but I guess even without the hot stuff the spices were just too much and I was up all night.

Again, YMMV. Pay close attention to what you eat and try to limit the number of things you're having at once--then see what kind of stuff causes you discomfort and which seem ok. Hopefully that will help you pinpoint your triggers. Good luck with the heartburn and the pregnancy! :)

Quick, Healthy Meals That Won't Trigger Pregnancy Heartburn? Good Questions
4/18/14 03:14 PM

What about making a cookie cake in advance (i.e. a giant cake-shaped cookie, like you get at those places in the mall)? It wouldn't be hard to transport. If you wanted you could even bring some icing (homemade or even those tubes you buy in the grocery store) and decorate it there. It might be fun for everyone to just tear into a big giant cookie!

Ideas for Birthday Desserts That I Can Make While Camping? Good Questions
4/18/14 02:18 PM

Made these and they were great! I used Familia muesli as it's the main brand I can get around me and I think it worked well. (I used only 1.5 cups muesli and added .25 cup pumpkin seeds.) All I had was salted natural PB so I used that and just omitted the salt. I do think I'd like a little more nuts in the cookies, so next time I might try adding some more. I also plan to try it with maple syrup instead of honey some time. Super simple and delicious recipe that I'll be making again. Thanks!

Recipe: Muesli Snacking Cookies Snack Recipes from The Kitchn
4/12/14 05:58 PM

Sorry, I forgot to add that I know the two recipes I mentioned don't have tons fo veggies, but I find a small portion along with a heaping salad is a great balance, and neither is exactly heavy on the meat.

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 2: My Search for Lighter, Healthier Freezer-Friendly Recipes Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/12/14 04:08 PM

I really love these turkey meatballs from Nigella Lawson, the turkey and the relatively plain sauce make them feel lighter than traditional meatballs, and they freeze beautifully:

I also really love some simple homemade chicken noodle soup as a light meal, even in the summer. I poach a whole chicken (cook it for about 45 min), then remove it, take the meat off, put the carcass back, and cook it for a couple hours longer. I usually freeze some of the stock plain and portion some out for soup, so I'm getting some meals as well as some stock.Then, I chop up some veg (I like just carrot and celery, but whatever you prefer), boil it briefly in the stock, throw in some chicken chunks and cool it down to freeze. The day I want to eat it, I just boil some noodles right in the defrosted broth/chicken/veg and eat. (Or sometimes I throw in some frozen brown rice instead.)

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 2: My Search for Lighter, Healthier Freezer-Friendly Recipes Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/12/14 03:20 PM

I made these and they were ok. Not amazing but not bad either. I did sub 1/2 c sucanat and 1/4 c brown sugar for the cane sugar. I wasn't in love with the really strong cereal taste of these--it really tasted strongly like a bowl of the bran cereal. (I used trader joe's brand.) I didn't really think the lemon flavor came through strongly, so if I try these again I might use a bit more lemon and maybe a little less cereal (adding in more flour to compensate).

Breakfast Recipe: Blueberry Bran Muffins Recipes from The Kitchn
3/8/14 04:34 PM

Made this tonight and holy cow was it delicious! Honestly this is my new favorite pot roast in the crock pot. The sauce does get a little fatty (naturally), but once you skim it the onions and bacon pieces are really spectacular. I served it with some egg noodles. Since I was at work I didn't have time to roast carrots, so I cooked a bag of baby carrots in my second small slow cooker alongside the roast and they were a lovely accompaniment. This recipe is definitely going in the keeper pile!

Slow Cooker Recipe: Savory Maple & Dijon Pot Roast Recipes from The Kitchn
2/14/14 08:05 PM

Too late for Valentine's Day this year, but I figured I'd post in case someone else wanted a cherry cake. Serious Eats posted one recently that I have definitely got in my "going to try" pile:

Recipe for a Cherry Layer Cake for Valentine's Day? Good Questions
2/14/14 04:20 PM

I vote tamales too. That has the added bonus of actually being a traditional christmas dish, at least in some places.

What's a Fun, Challenging Group Cooking Project to Try on Christmas? Good Questions
12/21/13 09:24 PM

I agree with hlg22--PWs cinnamon rolls are the best ones I've tried. I too freeze them after baking and frosting. I honestly find they're just as good as fresh, and that way I don't have to fiddle with frosting in the morning. I gave these out as xmas gifts a couple years ago and they were a HUGE hit.

How To Freeze Cinnamon Rolls and Bake Them Later Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/14/13 06:27 AM

Great recipe! I'm going to try it without the crust as we have a gluten free guest this thanksgiving. I appreciate the little tips though. The recipe on the pumpkin can is ok but there's definitely room for improvement there!

Thanksgiving Recipe: Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
11/21/13 02:10 PM

@MickeyRoss, you can pickle many vegetables, including green beans. You only have to use a pressure canner if you're not packing in a brine. For proof, see this recipe from the National Center for Home Food Preservation, which is one of the most conservative authorities on canning:

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/7/13 01:43 PM

I too am not sure it's super useful, but I do think the idea is spoon OR stylus, not spoon AND stylus. I don't think it's supposed to be used as a stylus while you're using it as a spoon--the idea is just not to add one more gadget to the kitchen. But given that a stylus is pretty darn small normally, I don't see that this would be a big advantage.

Umbra's New Spoon Has a Special Function: Can You Guess What It Is?
6/7/13 10:34 AM

Ha, no chance I'm washing out my refrigerator drawers or cleaning my knife block once a month.

9 Spots in Your Kitchen That Could Use a Good Scrub
5/6/13 10:58 AM

Yeah, I can't usually do 30 minutes on "recipes", which is why lately even 30 minute meal recipes are relegated to the weekend. For me, having a little one under foot pretty much guarantees that an actual recipe will take a while, but even if he's being cooperative I find the prep nearly always takes longer than the recipe suggests. If it's something I cook routinely and don't need to consult a recipe, I can manage it. I only have about 60 minutes to cook, eat and clean up before my son's bedtime, so weeknights mean the simplest dinners I can scrounge up, like something grilled with a salad, scrambled eggs, simple tacos, etc.

How Real is the 30-Minute Meal? Reader Discussion
3/19/13 11:25 AM

I don't think there's anything (effective) to replace the grating or shredding discs on a food processor. But you could get by for the blending part with either a regular blender or immersion blender. They can't do things like pie crust or chopping nuts, but those can be done manually so you can get by. I guess it really depends on what kind of cooking you do and how much convenience you're looking for. The food processor is convenient, but you can certainly use other tools for most of the food processor jobs.

Do I Really Need A Food Processor? Good Questions
3/6/13 02:42 PM

I agree with those who said non-grain based breakfasts. I've been working to eat less grains, but breakfast is the place I struggle most. I'd love some new ideas, especially if they're quick or make ahead!

Welcome to Breakfast Week at The Kitchn! 3 Square Meals (Plus Dessert)
3/4/13 09:34 PM

And sorry, I didn't mean to imply in my comment that pregnant women shouldn't avoid alcohol, just that unless they have some other issues going on some alcohol left in food after cooking is not a problem!

Cooking Without Alcohol: Substitutes for Red and White Wine
2/22/13 03:36 PM

How much alcohol evaporates depends on the cooking time, vessel, heat level, etc. Yes, some alcohol always does cook off, and depending on the method and cook time the majority of the alcohol can be cooked off, but it is never completely gone. So if someone does have a serious health (or moral) issue with alcohol, you'll need to use a substitute that's completely free of alcohol. But if someone just prefers to avoid alcohol and you are cooking something in an open vessel for a long enough period of time, it is probably fine. Cook's Illustrated did a whole series of tests about this. I remember stew cooked for several hours in a closed vessel retained something like 60% of the alcohol, but something like a sauce made with alcohol in an open saute pan ended up with only like 5% alcohol. Again, 5% would be fine for most people who just prefer not to have alcohol (like pregnant women for instance), but perhaps not for people with a very serious health issue.

Cooking Without Alcohol: Substitutes for Red and White Wine
2/22/13 03:20 PM

I see a lot of people don't like Rachel Ray's mag, but I think in terms of the recipes (I could do without all the other junk) it is definitely comparable to Everyday Food. There are lots of quick, easy recipes with lots of info about customizing and varying. There are more of the many-ingredient/complex recipes than you found in Everyday Food, but still plenty of the straightforward stuff to keep me using it regularly.

Beyond that, as others mentioned Real Simple and Cooking Light sometimes fit the bill, but not quite in my mind. I hate it when my favorite magazines stop being published!

I Miss Everyday Food! Any Suggestions for Similar Magazines? Good Questions
2/22/13 03:05 PM