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Can't wait to see what you do! That rattan light fixture is pretty darn cool - if you can do something with that chain...

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/7/12 02:11 PM

I once rented a house that was put on the market a few months before I moved out. Since as a renter I never knew when the next potential buyer would be coming, there were many times when I had to quickly take the place from a clutter pile to spotless in less than 30 minutes. I was always amazed at how terrific the place would look after doing so. Now, any time my apartment is getting out of hand, I pretend a Realtor is on her way. This helps me to zero in on what needs to be done and clean up the space quickly.

1 Simple Way to Be Happy in the New Year
1/5/11 06:50 PM

We had many Christmas traditions growing up, but my favorite was Christmas Eve pajamas. Every year the children would receive a gift-wrapped set of new pajamas that we could open on Christmas Eve. This added to the anticipation and excitement of Christmas morning while providing a release at the same time. I plan to continue this one when I have a family of my own.

7 Holiday Traditions to Start This Year
12/8/10 07:29 PM

Wow! This is my new go-to meal for cold rainy nights. YUMMMM! The Onion, tomato, mushrooms and zucchini with the creamy polenta are DIVINE! The only sad part is I tried this too late to give it my thumbs up! SO good!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Jean's Roasted Vegetables on Creamy Polenta Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
9/15/09 10:37 PM

i do the same thing with books - the only books on my shelves are the ones i have not read yet but intend to read. (yes, some may never leave my shelves!!) once i am done reading a book it is off to be sold back to my local independent bookstore.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Storage Overload
6/11/09 11:27 PM

i hoard books, records, and clothes of course. my rule of thumb when buying something that i might already have - say for example a new set of adorable coffee mugs from the thrift store (my biggest weakness) - i have to get rid of an equal amount of mugs from my existing collection. keeps things fresh, and keeps me from buying something i don't need or hanging on to too many of something.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Storage Overload
6/11/09 11:25 PM

omg - where oh where can i get a hanging chair like the one on Casa Samma? F'kn RAD!

Apartment Therapy New York | 10 European Outdoor Spaces
6/11/09 02:38 PM

wow - this santa monica residence has my dream yard! mental note for when i finally own a home - teepee in the back yard!!! F'kn rad!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Inspiring Dought Tolerant Gardens
6/2/09 10:01 PM

love it but where do i get a pattern?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Wood and Wool Crocheted Stool
5/29/09 07:18 PM

i have to give etsy seller madebymavis a shout out here as i feel that she should have been included in the photos above. she makes lovely hills of mossy grass in jars that are so fun to look at! i have yet to purchase one from her as i am determined to make my own, but they are so unique and very reasonably priced. none of this $15,000 hoo ha!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Modern Terrariums
5/29/09 02:42 PM

i made one of these myself recently using an ikea snalis storage bin and a box cutter. this was super cheap, super easy and my cat LOVES it!

Apartment Therapy New York | ModKat: Litter Box ICFF 2009
5/22/09 12:35 AM

what i would really like to know is whether you made the quilt showing in the photo above. if so, i would LOVE to see a how-to on that! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: His and Hers Stenciled Pillowcases
5/22/09 12:09 AM