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Mom here - thanks skeemer! We love their names too :)

Drew and Jake's Warm Neutral Nursery My Room
1/25/13 05:00 PM

Is that toy bin from Target? I have been looking for something similar and can't find anything except the beverage tubs from there.

Henry & Adela's Playful But Peaceful
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7/24/12 06:18 PM

Love your story. I'm in the thick of the infertility struggle right now and its nice to hear a success story. I'm so glad you got to design this room for your little man - it's beautiful!

Collin's Fresh White Room My Room
3/3/12 03:28 PM

I need a "workhouse" in my room too! :D

IKEA Expedit, Rejiggered
IKEA Hackers

1/20/12 10:37 PM

That jumper in the picture is one of the least hideous on the market. I saw it in a baby store the other day where someone had accidentally put the seat cover on inside out...the reverse side is plain brown and toned it down a lot.

just an option to think about.

Do Non-Hideous Baby Bouncers & Swings Exist?
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1/3/12 07:56 PM

the bloom alma papa is 49" long by 25.5 inches deep. Plus its super cool and stylish looking and folds and has optional wheels

Seeking Small Full-Sized Crib Options
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12/12/11 06:02 PM

i agree- febreeze. febreeze it until it is soaking and then let it dry either outside or in a well ventilated area. The gain scented one is amazing. You could also try getting an upholstery cleaner from the grocery store or a place where they sell steam carpet cleaners.

How To Make Old Upholstered Furniture Smell New Again?
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6/9/11 02:40 PM

such a good idea!

Best Kids' Parties: A Warrior Dash Bash
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6/7/11 07:04 PM

its not the exact same as the tate crib from rhbaby and child but very similar...Ive looked too and cant find it. But if its the legs you like RH has about 4 or so options with legs like that in different colors. Good Luck!

Can Anyone Identify this Crib?
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6/1/11 01:57 PM

kidkraft makes a toddler bed very similar to that one.

Store Profile

5/27/11 01:03 PM

love the settee in the corner. great for storytime!

A DIY Upholstered Floor Bed
Green Eyed Monster

5/2/11 07:00 PM

try petit nest and oilo studio

A Glider Similar to the Defunct Alberto?
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4/21/11 07:28 PM

I have the dyson ball upright and Im very happy with it. I have a tri colored dog and a brown fabric sofa and it gets the fur no problem. Its stood up to a bit of a beating too, I tend to be in a hurry when Im vacuuming and have knocked it around a couple of times :/ Plus, it comes apart very easily to rinse the canister, wash the filter, and clean out the brushbar and so on (when you have time to do all that).

I imagine a canister would be nice for when you want to just vacuum your dusty furniture and do drapes and baseboards and things. With the upright I have to take out the hose and kind of drag the whole upright around which can be kind of awkward.

Recommend A Quality Canister Vacuum?
Good Questions

4/13/11 01:19 PM

love the way the crib bedding is here. so crisp and clean and safe

Using Barn Doors In The Nursery
3/25/11 04:51 PM

love the last one but come on....number 1? those "strewn" shoes so conveniently match.

Designer Bedding

3/7/11 07:43 PM

my husband sells these for GE and he says it shouldnt be a problem as long as your baby cant reach the wires and open the door. Even then most load centers (the thing on the wall) have hidden wiring in the back and the front only houses the breaker switches (not the dangerous part).

he says you can buy a lock for the door at home depot inexpensively and they dont produce emf's as far as he knows...

it wouldnt be a bad idea to call the company who makes the panel and ask.

Okay to Put Crib Near Electrical Panel?
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2/25/11 02:48 PM

love the dichromatic/no color theme. these neutral spaces are always so much more calming to me

My Room: Colin
Boston, MA

2/17/11 09:22 PM

this would be ideal for someone like me who will be moving around a few times in my childs first year due to my husbands new job...it just folds and unfolds so i wouldnt have to disassemble it twice a year. its also good if you live in a small space and want to have a few kids. you can just put it in the closet.

Alma Papa Crib by Bloom
Daily Find

2/7/11 03:05 PM

netto moderne crib. its expensive...

Who Makes This Crib?
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2/2/11 02:46 PM

ah! i live here too! so cool to see in a neighbors house!

Matthew & Mikel's DIY Water+Works Remodel
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1/21/11 05:46 PM