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It's 1.47 am and, as expected, my new neighbours below me have just got in from work. They will sit up chattering loudly for the next couple of hours, in their kitchen, directly below my bedroom, knowing full well that I'm trying to sleep (we had 'that' conversation shortly after they moved in). Last week, it was so bad that I was averaging 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night, almost gave a kid the wrong medication and nearly fell asleep while bench-marking readers. Sleeping through the weekends has been the only option. I now go to bed as soon as I get back from work to be able to sleep for up to 6 hours so that when I am woken, I only need another couple of hours top up and then I can either do my chores while they are up or before I go to work. No hope of a social life. Until I am offered key-worker accommodation (damned if I'm squandering my 'moving funds' on escaping to another overpriced private rental) this is how I will be forced to make the most of my circumstances. Pretty sure you wouldn't be so glib in my shoes! :)

The 10 Worst Things About Renting (And How to Deal with Them) Renters Solutions
7/15/14 09:10 PM

Incidently, I'm pretty sure that banks in the US would probably accept large amounts of change and not charge you anything. If it's the sorting and separating that's a problem, give the coins to your kids to sort for you. It's an excellent maths activity and if they make a mistake, it will be picked up on by the cashier and you can recount it yourself.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 07:20 PM

I used to save small change up and every hundred years or so, take it to my bank, deposit it into my account and be, say, £10 'richer'. Then it occurred to me that those coins languishing in a jar and not in my purse meant that, more often than not, I'd have to break into something bigger rather than hand over the exact amount, generating even more change to hoard and, also that sense of grim disappointment of there being one less note in my purse. So now, instead, I carry a really small purse full of change, and dip into it alongside my regular purse. As a result, I get the smug satisfaction of holding onto my notes a while longer, of not accumulating any more small change and of making sure that change is doing something other than sitting at home gathering dust.

Using a jar system to control everyday spending is a great idea but treating it as some kind of long-term savings solution, without the benefit of interest is, I've realised, pointless.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 07:16 PM

That is such a great solution that, honestly, I don't think that you would get as much satisfaction out of a shop bought replacement. Well done!

Before & After: Discarded Knoll Tulip Table Gets New $10 Top
5/19/14 06:52 PM

I was going to say, my grandmother's bread knife which she insisted on giving to me when I was 13 (don't ask!) but then I looked up and spotted a piggy bank that mum bought for me when I was about 8 or 9. She used to have a market stall, selling secondhand books and there was a pottery stall next to it. Sadly (?) I've misplaced the nylon-haired ceramic pixies that were also from that stall...

What Home Item Have You Had the Longest? (And What Is Its Story?)
5/3/14 10:13 PM

MMMmmmm.... ;)

Budget, But Not Boring: 8 Fresh Ways to Eat Beans & Rice for Dinner
4/5/14 04:33 PM

Love the simplicty of this and, really couldn't give a stuff as to whether it looks like plywood or not. It looks fine. Not so sure about the antlers though. Not a fan of animal parts as it is but, even if the ones pictured here were synthetic, they still look as though they've been mounted slightly off-centre on that shield!

DIY Project Idea: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45
4/5/14 02:49 PM

Fantastic transformation!

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/23/14 08:40 AM

Vertexangel and educated_owl, I had the 'pleasure' of meeting Alien face to face, many years ago. I was invited to lunch at the home of a special effects guy and while he was showing us his workshop in his spare room, he opened the door to the closet. Leaning against the door was a full-sized Alien head and neck which lunged across the room and stopped a few inches from my face. I'm proud to say that I didn't ruin his carpet... ;)

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 08:44 PM

I still have pictures that need framing, never mind leaning or hanging anywhere! Can anyone tell me where the seats either side of the fireplace in the first picture come from? They are so unusual...well, to me anyway...

How To Lean Art (Without It Looking Like You Forgot to Hang It)
2/16/14 04:23 PM

I seriously need to get my eyes tested, just noticed when everyone else's comments were posted! :D

5 Ways To Deal With Grouchy Thanksgiving Guests
11/25/13 02:25 PM

I seriously need to get my eyes tested, just noticed when everyone else's comments were posted! :D

5 Ways To Deal With Grouchy Thanksgiving Guests
11/25/13 02:25 PM

Genius! :D

5 Ways To Deal With Grouchy Thanksgiving Guests
11/24/13 11:48 AM

The evil, conniving little s**t! ....which, actually, would make rather an appropriate slogan for a personalised gift... as would a self-help book to becoming a decent person. I thought that my sister-in-law was vicious but he makes her look like a saint so, I wouldn't blame you if you did 'lose it' with the dinner fork! If neither of you can face going, be sure to explain in full, your reasons why to the in laws. If they can't understand or appreciate the distress that he has caused you then you might want to visit them at another time, when he's not around.

As for the libelous blog post, I hope that you were able to complain to the blog 'host', have it removed and have them 'ban' him from making further comments. Personally, if the date and time confirmed that he wrote it during office hours, I'd be tempted to forward a link to his employers, asking them to look into it and to be aware of what their employee may have done during work hours, asking if they find such conduct acceptible... but then, you're very likely a much nicer person than me! Good luck! :)

5 Ways To Deal With Grouchy Thanksgiving Guests
11/24/13 11:43 AM

I'm non-American but curious and, one day, I'll get around to trying this! Sensing that there may be a problem in getting the canned stuff over here in ol' Blighty, I looked for a puree-from-scratch recipe and found this wonderful blog:

Not only does Ree share recipes, she also shares a wicked sense of humour!

Thanksgiving Recipe: Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
11/23/13 09:41 AM

You are spoiling us! Thank you!!

No-Bake Recipe: Gluten-Free and Vegan Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Bars Recipes from The Kitchn
11/20/13 06:14 PM

What an amazing parent you are!
Surely it can't be purely coincidence that more often than not, children I see starting school whose parents flood them with toys, computer games and no end of sugary treats, turn out to be kids with no sense of boundaries and extreme behaviour problems as they simply fail to cope in an environment where they can't have everything on their terms. It's distressing all round.
Not only are you looking out for your children's wellbeing and that of the environment but you are also reducing the need for raw materials and unfair labour practices.

Why I'm Buying Secondhand Toys This Christmas
11/20/13 06:12 PM

I've probably left it a bit too late to ask but how do you use tae kwon do belts to move furniture? I'm curious because I used a length of webbing over the top of a hinge pin to pull it down into place when our premises manager was rehanging the victorian folding classroom dividers in our school (poor love had been trying to find a way of tapping it in for several hours, even though there was only a gap of just a few centimetres between the top of the pin and the top of the frame!). so it would be useful to know what you do with those belts. Sometimes the most approriate tool seems like the least likely one to do the job!

One Minute Tip: Display Your Jewelry and Ties Apartment Therapy Videos
11/19/13 07:48 PM


Exterior Inspiration: \"Illuminated\" Madrid Restaurant Facade
11/19/13 07:33 PM


Smart Tip: Peel an Entire Head of Garlic in 10 Seconds

11/12/13 03:04 PM