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does anyone know what that fabric is??

Before & After: Emily's Crafty Chair Project
2/28/14 01:50 PM

bemyescape and periwinklepeach-
it looks much harder than it is. best way to do it is to dive right in! i would suggest getting a "practice" piece at first, that way if you really screw it up, its ok. take a lot of pictures during the strip down so you remember how it all goes together. use the old fabric pieces as templates to cut the new fabric and re-assemble. some require minor sewing, depending on the piece. if you know your way around a sewing machine, this shouldn't be too much of a challege! watch some youtube videos, read some tutorials on it and you'll be well on your way. its lots of fun too! hope this helps.

Before & After: Lis' Malmsten Armchair Makeover | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/14/09 02:04 PM

i'll just go ahead and add to the millions of above comments that this light would be fantastic in my soon to be finished kitchen!

Win this Astron Pendant Light from Rejuvenation! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/3/09 11:26 AM

i also have a polypropylene rug, which, from what i understand, is similar to polyacrylic. I love my rug. As stated above, its virtually indestructible. Check they have a wide variety of great looking rugs for much much cheaper than 500 bucks! plus shipping is less than $3!! can't beat that...

Experience With Indoor Outdoor PolyAcrylic Rugs? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/1/09 10:21 AM

does anyone know anything about that green fabric in the 1st picture?

Bin Pulls: Hardworking Hardware | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 12:01 PM

where do the orange pendants come from in pic #2?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Modern in Minnesota House Tour Roundup
10/12/09 11:37 AM

does anyone know what that print is in the upper left corner of the first room?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | White on White Bedding#comments
10/9/09 10:29 AM

does anyone know where i can find that green and white rug in #6?? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | How Do You Incorporate Humor Into Your Decor?
9/29/09 04:56 PM

my cat claws furniture too. what are good tricks if he likes to EAT the tape though?! i would think putting tape on the couch would be heavenly for him

oh, and good luck with kitty!! Its been far too long since mine has been a kitten to have any useful :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Tips For Preparing The Apartment For A New Kitty
8/4/09 05:05 PM

I live in Baltimore and it would be great to see those abandoned spaces put to use as anything other than an ugly board up. Not only are they health hazards with squatters and all kinds of stray animals living in them, but it is so much wasted space!! Baltimore is such a great city and these boardups are just an eyesore surrounding all our beautiful landmarks and history. I say bring on some skate parks and community vegetable gardens!

Apartment Therapy DC | Visions for Space: Baltimore Infill Survey
5/21/09 05:18 PM