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I ADORE that wallpaper. And the grey and chartruese. I'm still loving grey. And the chartruese is not at its most acid/aggressive, so it stays light and fresh.

A Bright, Whimsical Dining Room With Affordable Furnishings Professional Project
6/22/14 05:23 PM

Is it so demeaning to call things girly we can't call bright pink and floral things girly? Carnation pink is the epitome of girly I would have said.

Anyway I really like the bedding but I like the green of the inspiration piece. I could also see liking purple or bright candy apple red.

Now I want to know what shade of would constitute girly, maybe I'd paint it that.

Before & After: Budget IKEA Sniglar Crib Goes Pretty in Pink
5/16/14 05:07 AM

I would paint the WALLS a very light colour, either white or a light colour like Benjamin Moore Grey Owl or Winter Gray. And I would get different window treatments.

Then if I were bringing in new furniture (the original furniture is not bad inspiration though) I might try to get a few transitional pieces and lighter colours and some painted wood furniture. I wouldn't rush to bring in *more* stained wood.

And I'd want lighter, brighter area rugs, or blacker, more dramatic ones. I don't particularly like rusty reds on stained wood.

But no way would I paint all that craftsman trim. And I *like* painted wood in many rooms - it just doesn't go with the style of the house in this case. I'm hardly a Save The Wood purist but it will look weird with this house.

Bring the colour in with fabrics and wall paints and some LAMPS if its dark.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 09:08 PM

Bathrooms should not be done in organic colours. This is not because earth-tones are ugly, but I will FOREVER have nightmares of caring for a dying senior-citizen in a bathroom decorated in gradient-brown and swirling ripple peach - I literally had no idea if any surface (floor, bathtub, walls, vanity) would be covered in human waste until I touched it. Give me "dirt shows up" white over that Stygian horror any day.

White, perhaps a nearly-white shimmery lilac or peridot, maybe a very light inhuman silver. But mostly white. That's what I want.

I like bathroom art if I'm not worried about what the humidity is doing to it and it's not in the way. Porcelain plaques or hung decorative tiles/rounds are nice. I feel like EVERYTHING in a bathroom should be washable.

I like some sort of scented candle or air freshener available, preferably one guests feel they can use at will without some sort of announcing klaxon going off.

Do You Have Strong Feelings about Bathroom Decor?
4/5/14 01:37 AM

I don't like the snideness in bagging out the previous owner.

The new space is as cliched and down-to-the-last-tic-box as the old space, just a different style. I'd prefer a mix of the two to either undiluted.

Let's see what we learn from the article:

Before: The Entryway The entry hall was lined with religious portraits and family photos.

After: The Entryway Flea-market finds are littered throughout each room, creating a cohesive, eclectic design language.

To any uninformed observer the lesson seems to be that photos should be of people you don't know? I bet if I framed all of Grandma's art, dropped half into black-and-white, and arranged the gallery more stylishly you wouldn't be able to pick the "old lady" from the "cohesive, eclectic design language." She'd just need a fun story about where she found the Ironic Folk Jesus.

Also I would like her sofa in the new space, just break the safety seal.

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 07:59 PM

Holy crap. My cats look like angels now.

I really love that after. Great colour.

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/20/14 05:51 PM

I like painted furniture. There, I said it. I like wood as a material but I don't think woodgrain is inherently lovely.

I like green, too.

I'm not sure what I think of this specific shade of green but there's really no winning with the anti-paint crowd because if it's bright it's too bright and if its desaturated it's too gray and if it's shabby... oh good lord man the lifeboats if it's shabby.

I like it better than the before, even if I wouldn't pick the shade of green that's showing up on my monitor.

Before & After: St Patrick Himself Would Be Proud of This Sideboard
3/17/14 10:00 PM

The whole idea that if you like painted wood you should go to Ikea is such BS. I like painted wood furniture because I like candy colours on chunky pine pieces that can be refinished.

If I liked MDF in Ikea's range of 3 crappy colours I wouldn't be looking for old furniture to repaint. It's a false equivalence to draw between painted real wood and shitty laminate.

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/9/14 03:22 AM

I don't think it particularly goes with everything more than, say, polka dots or checkerboard or stripes or any other simple 2-colour pattern?

I like black and white. I feel like I could get that grounding and high-contrast effect with pretty much any geometric black-and-white pattern though, and I'm not liking the crosses.

A Crash Course in the Swiss Cross Pattern You're Seeing Everywhere Right Now
3/3/14 05:48 PM Ugh try it without me messing up the tags. Hating me right now.

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/8/14 12:08 AM

I like handmade Mexican tiles as much as anybody and more than some... but they're not going to make a kitchen look less country? More like crank it up to "Intentional Country" rather than "Bland Country" which might be good (for you and me) but I doubt for the original poster who finds what she's got already too country?

I'd go with glass tile. Something shiny. The giveaway to me is the description of "plain" - which makes me think plain white tile ain't gonna cut it. [url][/url] I'm not sure which colour... Luxor maybe? I like some of the green ones but that's me. The winner of "least boring" is either the City Lights collection or Black Opal, which is, despite the name, purple and gold. It'll wake you up in the morning!

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/8/14 12:07 AM

"Chinoiserie safari" means, so far as I can tell, "Foo dogs + assortment of "exotic" prints"?

Which, I love Foo dogs and rich fabric interplay, so I'm not a true hater. The "safari" aspects are especially vague in the picture shown, but in the link there's shots of a huge potted tropical plant and a single leopard-print pillow, which is probably the right amount of leopard print.

I really like the mirror and the chandelier and the nightstand lamps.

Not keen on the new bed or the lights on it. Overall, though, I quite like the new look. I am *not* a teal person so I am impressed and startled by how much I like the new wall colour.

Before & After: Blogger's Bedroom Turns Chinoiserie Safari Chic
11/27/13 07:30 AM

truepeacenik, now I want some jarred gefilte fish!

Favorite Retro Holiday Foods
11/13/13 07:59 PM

I love the height of the ceilings, the fireplaces, the exterior shots, the gilt portraits.

I even like the white walls to contrast.

I don't like any of the furniture or lighting choices.

The windows and double staircase of that exterior view are breathtakingly beautiful.

Sieger Design: A Modern Design Studio in a Historic Hunting Lodge Workspace Tour
7/13/12 10:00 AM

Sure, you can choose between white pine and brazilian walnut using durability as your only metric, but some thought given to renewability, speed of regrowth, old-growth forests, transport footprint, ethical labour, American agriculture, and Amazonian rainforests might be nice too.

There's a balance of issues in play.

What You Need to Know:
Engineered Hardwood Floors 101 Renovation Primer

6/27/12 09:12 PM

Ye gads, I know I've been in Sydney NSW too long when 550 sq. ft. for 150k seems downright reasonable. Especially for green, artisanal construction and you could presumably have it towed somewhere else if the neighbourhood goes to crap.

The interiors are uninspiring, but the concept is sound.

Sweet Pea: A Tiny Green Houseboat Jetson Green
6/27/12 08:33 PM

I hate blue. I always have. My sister always loved "Cinderella blue" and dark "sapphire blue" and so on - no particular associations with masculinity - but I never liked it. I find light grey-blues cold and dark blues gloomy. I guess that makes me very special indeed, per the previous commentators. I don't hate men though.

I don't think hating pink equals hating what is feminine. I've seen plenty of rooms that read as vividly feminine without any pink at all.

Some people have colours they just like or dislike. I would not, given the choice, decorate with much pink OR blue - though I would in my child's room if they asked for it.

I don't see how the coral is "not pink enough" - when I look at that room, I see plenty of pink, and not just that sort of pale-breath-of-pink in white some people use to tint girls' rooms walls. I don't think bright fuschia is the only valid interpretation of pink that a little girl would recognize.

A kid that wants a specific colour isn't necessarily invested in what shade. "Coral" isn't a huge part of elementary school lexicon. Test it. Offer a seven year old boy who's really invested in our current modern toy-marketing that colour room.

Piper's Adorable Pink Bedroom
6/23/12 03:10 PM

I never did outgrow my twin bed. I only ever got a bigger bed when I bought it because I liked the frame and could fit it in my room. I'm only five feet tall though.

My husband is 6'3" and he slept on a extra-long twin (king single? not a double though) until he left home because he needed the length. He was too long for a double though and that would just be width one person doesn't need? So I don't get

I wouldn't assume a twin is automatically outgrowable. Ain't nothing wrong with being 6'3" but it's not average height, it's not something every family is lax to not plan around.

After the Crib: 15 Twin Beds for Big Kids
6/22/12 02:43 AM

Neither enamel cast iron nor wood nor bamboo should go in the dishwasher. If you even have a dishwasher, which we don't. Our sink is smallish, but not micro. It's okay, but if I were adjusting its size, I would rather it be larger than smaller, even though its using up a lot of our counter space.

Space Saving Chic: Tiny Sinks in Tiny Kitchens
4/9/12 03:33 PM

I have successfully had many plants in pots with no drainholes. They just need to be watered less often.

Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony Renters Solutions
3/19/12 10:17 AM