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My bathroom ceiling is very, very low. I'm only 5'3'' and I can touch it without fully stretching my arm. The big problem with it is the light is the kind with the string to click on and off. There is no fixture, so there's just a bare bulb in the middle of my bathroom that people who are average height or taller can run into. Is there any way to make it prettier without going lower?

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10/28/09 01:24 AM

I had a similar problem recently and I used my full length mirror as a headboard. I just bought wall mounts and hung it horizontally at about eye level above my bed. I have a tiny bedroom and it really helped to open it up. I also painted the frame bright yellow so it wasn't so bland. I've gotten several compliments on it.

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8/5/09 03:45 PM

Yeah, that was my dad's suggestion. I was just hoping for something slightly greener than bleach...

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5/27/09 04:16 PM

I just moved into a house and the refrigerator that comes with it has mold all along the rubber seal. I have hardcore scrubbed the seal three or four times and it is staying put. What will get rid of it?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | May Open Thread we're posting active conversations...
5/21/09 10:58 AM