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Yay–Brno, my hometown! I love seeing that the Villa made it into the limelight. I had the opportunity to take a tour when I was back visiting and distinctly remember the amount of detail Van der Rohe went through to make the project impactful. He took seasons into account, and aligned the house so that the winter sun would hit the Onyx wall and illuminate the otherwise darker part of the room (since the wall was somewhat translucent). Brilliant & gorgeous.

@akay— in Czech, every letter is pronounced and nothing is silent. The closest guide to pronunciation I can recommend is Spanish (primarily for the vowels and rolling of the r's). So in this case, Brno would be like saying Brr-no


Quick History: Mies van der Rohe and the Brno Chair

9/28/12 04:07 PM

Wow. Some of you sound pretty spoiled and out of touch with reality. Nutella won't get you through an emergency. Ever gone camping? Freeze-dried food, MRE's, and a water purifier + iodine tablets will help you if you have access to contaminated water. And in a disaster, the last thing you're going to care about is how gourmet your selection of canned food is. Find something packed with calories, with a long shelf life—that way you're not tied to your pantry full of steel cans that total 200 lbs, and are mobile if need be.

There, I said it.

My Emergency Food Dilemma
3/18/11 01:28 PM

For those of you looking to use an old classic rotary phone, but don't want to invest in a landline (or reconfigure their phone to work with modern lines ), has figured it out for you. They've modified the internals of a classic phone so you can use the it as a "bluetooth" headset with your current mobile phone. So you basically answer / make calls with the Rotary phone...

As for me, I put in the effort on my rotary to make it work with the landline since Comcast still recognizes pulse dialing.


Decorating with Vintage Telephones | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/14/09 09:41 PM

So, I actually went through the pain of refinishing the exact same chairs (except mine had the desk-board attachment). Here is what happened during my project:

1) I took all wood panels off and sanded those by hand without a hitch. The only small snag I encountered was taking the bolts off.

2) Taking sandpaper or a powered sander to the chair most likely will not give you the finish you want. It looks like your chairs are as old as mine, which means the paint is too old to want to come off, and no consumer-end chemical will take it off (i even tried Choke Carb cleaner, believe it or not-- it takes car tint off like magic!).

There are also too many nooks and crevasses on and under those chairs that will make it a very labour-intensive sanding process. In addition, any hand-applied abrasive will leave uneven scratches on this metal, unless you use fine sandpaper. I spent 3 full weekends trying to strip the paint off myself, before...

3) ... eventually sourcing out a powder-coating vendor, and having them just sandblast my 2 metal desks for under $50. I then added a thin clear-coat on my own that wasn't glossy, yet still retained the grainy sand-blasted metal aesthetic.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Refinish Vintage School Chairs?
5/21/09 01:42 AM