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Another vote for pesto! So good!

What Can I Do with Garlic Scapes? Good Questions
7/14/14 06:30 PM

As far as medications down the toilet...where do you suppose the medications that you take into your body end up? Yes, that's right, in your pee..

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/4/14 05:29 PM

Yes, I do this too. I have an alarm to change my furnace filter, feed my african violets, and to flip my mattress.

The Easiest Way to Remember To Do Those Annoying Little Household Chores Comment of the Day
7/4/14 05:24 PM

We put two Lack shelves from Ikea above ours, they are about as wide as the TV.

Ideas for Blank Wall Above TV? Good Questions
7/4/14 05:17 PM

I second the David Lebovitz recipe.

What's the Best Way to Make Crispy Tofu? Good Questions
7/4/14 01:27 PM


Go to www.barkerdoor.com

They sell new doors for cabinets and also have a nice selection of hinges that are the concealed "Euro" type.

Before & After: A Compact, Updated Kitchen for a Family of 5 Professional Project
6/29/14 11:32 PM

Nope. I would never dream of leaving doors or first-floor windows open. Go read "In Cold Blood", they lived in a nice small town too.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 02:38 PM

Make sure to bring a large sample into your kitchen to make sure it plays nicely with the paint on the cabinets and the light in your kitchen. It is always surprising to me that samples that I thought would be perfect in the showroom don't work in the actual space.

I like the idea of soapstone, though!

Suggestions for Grey Countertops for My Farmhouse Kitchen? Good Questions
6/18/14 11:59 AM

I favorited this because of the chemistry structures that you erased to draw the floorplan. Love chemists! Lovely house, too:)

Michael's Portland Pad Small Cool Contest
6/15/14 10:53 PM

We put in a Mitsubishi split ductless system in our second floor master bedroom about five years ago. It heats and cools, I think we bought the unit itself online for a little under $2000 and my dad installed it for us. Worth every cent, and I believe they are cheaper now and much more efficient. I think there are heat pumps that will heat down to about five degrees, ours only works down to 12.

What Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost? Good Questions
6/15/14 06:49 PM

I would cut it out of cork and then paint it, it would be more functional as a pinboard that way. Cute idea.

Colorful & Easy DIY Project: Cute Honeycomb Pin Board Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
6/14/14 10:46 PM

Since most of the smoothies in my household are for the children, I hesitate to add stuff that will stain if (when) it is spilled. Although bananas make some pretty wicked stains too.

Try This! Add Turmeric to Your Next Smoothie!
6/14/14 08:47 PM

I like the current balance. And regarding nutritional info, it is fairly easy to calculate if you are so inclined. I enjoy its absence, as I do not feel that it necessarily changes behaviors and it is just one more step that disconnects us from our food and removes the thoughtfulness about what we eat. If you can't scan an ingredient list and see if something is going to be bad, or good, or in the middle, then educate yourself! FDA-style boxed nutritional info over-simplifies and takes all of the nuance out of a recipe and makes it about a few numbers. On a food-focused site, I like the idea of people choosing recipes based on what looks delicious, they have available to them for ingredients, and how much time they have to prepare it. And to exercise their judgement based on what is in it - there aren't any hidden-chemical-y sneaky-fat recipes on this site anyway.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 06:17 PM

I always have a squeeze bottle full of simple syrup in my refrigerator. So good for adding to unsweetened iced tea! And I have a couple with simple syrups that I've flavored with Kool-Aid packets for the kids' snowcones. Works well!

3 Practical Ways To Use Squeeze Bottles Tips From The Kitchn
6/5/14 04:23 PM

Um, it's not the petroleum industry. The general public is too crazy about cleanliness for this to become mainstream - on this very site I read a thread about washing kale a few days ago that had me rolling with laughter - many commenters have quite the rigorous washing routine and are upset by any grit or bugs on the leaves. I worked at a poison center once and they took calls for a bagged salad producer. Unbelievable how many people would call the 800 number on the bag to report dirt, bugs, or (horror!) hair in their salad. As if any of these things are really harmful. I think the hand-sanitizer brigade would be wringing their hands over this idea! Then they'd call in the lawyers.

I'd shop there, though. Crazy how much packaging I bring home every time I go to the store.

Is This What Grocery Stores Will Look Like in the Future? Food news
5/31/14 07:19 PM

We have a pull-out cabinet trash can that we retrofitted into our very old cabinets. However, my husband and I were talking just last night about how much we miss the old Simple Human step can that used to live out in our kitchen (we got a bigger fridge and the floor space for the trash disappeared, prompting the cabinet retrofit). No one ever had to ask us where the trash can was and it was so much easier to use with dirty hands - just step and toss, no cabinet to pull open. Love exposed step cans, especially those expensive colorful metal ones!

Where Do You Hide the Trash Can In Your Kitchen? Good Questions
5/8/14 03:00 PM

I agree with above comments re: sugar content and eating rather than drinking fruits. It is way too easy to eat a ton of fruit (and sugar) quickly if you just gulp down a juice/smoothie. I also think that people want to use food as medicine, which is just not borne out by evidence. Our bodies are remarkably adaptable in regards to food, and really the best thing to do is to just overall cut down on calorie intake and our bodies will take care of the rest. That is why juices/smoothies can be dangerous, you can get a ton of calories in a few big gulps!

What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juice? Good Questions
5/8/14 02:52 PM

If you don't know the difference, something tells me that the pressure cooker may be too much right now. That said, I'd take my pressure cooker over my rice cooker any day, but using the pressure cooker is more involved and I would say requires a higher level of cooking skill to really get full use out of.

Should I Buy a Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker? Good Questions
4/24/14 07:07 PM

Use some steel wool to rub the rust off - I used some yesterday to clean a screwdriver that got left outside all winter and was amazed at how well it took rust off.

Do I Need to Season My Cast Iron Tortilla Press? Good Questions
4/23/14 12:29 PM

Beautiful! We have a similar closet that we used the (now discontiuned) Ikea Stolmen system for - it has vertical aluminum bars that hold the shelves and was easy to fit in the sloped space using the shallower shelves on top and then using the deep shelves on the bottom where the space was deeper. I love how you finished the ceiling with the wood slats - that is going in my inspiration file for covering the popcorn ceilings in my sloped-ceiling bedroom!

Before & After: IKEA to the Rescue for a Sloped-Ceiling Closet
4/23/14 11:56 AM