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Also, my alone time guilty pleasures are to watch terrible TV that my hubby hates and eat junk food. Raw cookie dough, anyone?

12 Things You Only Do at Home When Alone
6/23/14 02:46 PM

This is so true. I have to leave the bathroom door open (to my husband's chagrin) because I would otherwise have to listen to "meow meow!" or "mommy mommy!" the whole time. I would rather have silence than privacy ;)

12 Things You Only Do at Home When Alone
6/23/14 02:42 PM

I agree with the baby monitor. We have a small, single story house and we can hear both kids (4 and 1) just fine. Although, we do sleep with the master bedroom door open, so I'm sure that helps.

However, we do use our monitor when we're outside and one or both kids is napping inside. It's much easier to get yard work done if we're not running inside every 5 minutes to check on the baby.

Carrie's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought and Ones I Wish I Hadn't
6/18/14 11:59 AM

House cleaner every 3 weeks. With 2 kids and 2 working parents, carving time to clean isn't a priority.

Grocery pick-up. You put in your order on-line, schedule a pick up and then they deliver them to your car. The $5 service charge is totally worth the saved time and not dragging the kids into the store, but it probably saves me more than $5 per trip by eliminating impulse purchases.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/26/14 10:08 PM

I agree with quiltlover… that wouldn't hold enough water to actually immerse yourself. Who wants to be a little soggy but mostly cold?

This falls under "just because you can doesn't mean you should."

Bathroom Vacation: Hammock-Shaped Tub
6/28/13 03:52 PM

I am very much a creature of habit, so I always sit in the same spot whenever I can - in my living room, at the dining table, in recurring meetings. The only exception was when my son was little and my husband and I would take turns feeding him - whoever was on kid duty sat next to the high chair. Now that he's older, we're back to having "assigned" seats at the dinner table.

Do You Have Set Seats at Home?
6/12/13 11:56 AM

I hate to be 'that commenter' but none of those bathrooms are from Young House Love. Dig a little deeper and give that bathroom the credit it deserves!

Storage Solutions: Dressers in the Bathroom
3/19/13 07:41 PM

Mostly great list, but...

I'm all for traveling light with a diaper bag, but don't make a habit of bumming off other parents. Nobody appreciates a mooch, I don't care how cute your baby is.

Tips for Living with Kids in a Walk-Up Renters Solutions
3/12/13 05:33 PM

If you want a nice, minimal car mount I would recommend the Steelie:

My husband has one and he loves it. It's the sleekest mount he could find and he researches the heck out of his tech purchases.

Helpful Tech for Your Daily Commute
3/8/13 09:51 AM

If submitter Caroline is reading, I would love to know the name of the wall paint color!

Caroline's Best Light Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/5/13 01:18 PM

Ditto to C about the lingerie bag for baby socks. Someone gave one to me at my baby shower and now I give one to every expecting mom I know. Bonus: you can put bibs in them and not worry about the velcro eating other fabric.

That salad spinner idea is genius!

The Best Time Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
2/15/13 09:54 AM

I have the Electrolux Ergo stick vac / dust buster combo for everyday messes - cheerios, cat hair tumbleweeds, etc - and we also have the Pet Hair Eraser. I recommend the Pet Hair Eraser to everyone I know with pets. He have 2 cats and a velvet couch (I know, I know, we're asking for headache with that combo) but the Eraser does a great job of quickly de-furring the couch.

5 Handheld Vacuums for Mini Messes
1/25/13 10:13 AM

Obviously you should align (well-enough) on big things like finances, politics, religion, etc...

I found it's easier to get along with my spouse than all my other roommates, and not just because we love each other. With a roommate, people tend to let little things go unsaid, then things get passive-aggressive, just to avoid a confrontation. Whereas, with my spouse, I'll just say what's bugging me and he does the same. Yes, it leads to the occasional nag fight, but in the end everything's out in the open.

Also, best piece of advice for co-habitating (whether romantic or platonic): if it's important to you, DO IT. If you want the bills handled a certain way, you pay the bills. If you couldn't bother to load the dishwasher often, maybe that's the other person's chore. You'll save yourself time and headache by not nagging the other person to do it your way. And yes, I struggle to practice this, too :)

What Should You Know About Each Other Before You Move In Together?
1/22/13 01:38 PM

My husband's side of the family is a big fan of wish lists for gift-giving occasions. Members are allowed to ask for whatever they want - frivolous or practical - and I like gifting from both ends of the spectrum. Is it sometime boring to give a needed gift - can of balls, racket grip and voucher for racket re-stringing for my tennis playing MIL, perhaps - yes. Is it satisfying knowing that gift will be used and not languish in a drawer somewhere. ABSOLUTELY!

As far as receiving practical gifts, I'm still a fan. Last year my in-laws (at the suggestion of my hubby) gave me a Mint automatic dust mop. Then to top it off, I spent some more of my Christmas money and bought a stick vac to go with it. We use them all the time so the gifts were more than worth it!

Styles Of Giving: The Practical Gift
12/18/12 11:58 AM

I wouldn't do anything permanent, for several reasons:
- If you chop up the living room it will look and feel awkward.
- It's not worth the hassle (and major expense) of shuffling bathrooms around - leave the plumbing where it is.
- I wouldn't omit any closets or bathrooms - you could possibly repurpose a closet, but leave it as is otherwise you kill your resale.
- I strongly advise against doing any partitioning that creates a third, windowless bedroom. Bedrooms without windows are unpleasant and, more than likely, against building/fire codes.

If you really want to explore this, hire an architect. (S)he can advise you how to do this safely.

However, I think you're better off with the sofa bed, hotel or giving them your bed. Lots of people get away without a guest room, and creating one would practically ruin your apartment.

How To Partition Living Room to Create a Guest Room? Good Questions
12/17/12 11:04 AM

I would go for a metal cafe chair, like the Marais A side chair.

Not sure what your version of "splurge" is so these may or may not be in your budget, but anything similar would be stunning. The metal + wood would be very industrial and edgy!

Chair Ideas for Custom Rustic Dining Table? Good Questions
12/5/12 04:52 PM

My mom did this 2 Christmases ago and it was a big hit! She collected recipes from the whole family and included old stand-by recipes, like my great-grandmother's Christmas cookies, to new favorites, like my husband's tomato bisque. It's great to have all the favorites in one place, and it's a great keepsake.

Outside the Box: 4 Ideas for Turning Family Recipes Into Gifts
12/5/12 03:58 PM

Get a wake-up light. I got mine a little over a month ago and I am amazed at the difference it makes. Will it turn me into a cheery morning person? No, nothing will. But it does make it easier to wake up when my alarm goes off before the sun's fully up.

I'm surprised these weren't mentioned on the list. I think AT did a post about them a while back.

10 Tips for Making Winter Wake-Ups Easier
12/5/12 02:31 PM

This seems to be a common disagreement. I don't typically link to my blog in comment sections, but I wrote a post about this very topic a few years ago.

Long story short, hubby wanted something super comfortable, I wanted a mid-century couch with clean lines and sleek upholstery - no overstuffed furniture for me! We settled on a couch from Z Gallerie, which is no longer available, but you could find something similar at places like Crate & Barrel, Ikea, etc. Just get something with clean lines, but enough padding to still be comfortable. I promise a compromise is possible!

\"Football-Friendly\" Modern Sofa Suggestions? Good Questions
12/4/12 02:56 PM

I totally do this, even while wearing my clothes! Sometimes I don't realize how wrinkly something is until I'm already dresse and see myself in the mirror :/

How to Iron Your Clothes with a Hair Straightener
8/10/12 04:23 PM