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thank you everyone for your comments. we have a small herb garden on Shelter Island and dry lemon verbena and chammomile and various other stuff. pictured is a jar of verbena.
the "mum" thing is an error from a previous questionaire - my Mother coud not boil water let alone bake anything.

Kitchen Tour: Tom and Justin's Classic
6/20/11 09:41 AM

to deetreehouse:
the cabinet were built for me by the contractor who is also a cabinet builder - Conex Interiors, in Astoria Queens.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
7/6/09 02:11 PM

to norman mcdonald: the bathroom sink is Duravit, the kitchen sink is Shaws from England.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
6/19/09 11:33 AM

to ilonastella: The upholstery is by A&M in DUMBO

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
5/25/09 10:35 PM

to jacksonlalonde: if you are still following, but to anyone else who is wondering about the detial os the silverware drawers: the contractor designed a the drawes with a second hidden internal tray. In this way twice as much silver can be stored with out having two drawrrs in the elevation. The same design is used with the shirt drawers. I hope this is clear, the photo

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
5/22/09 01:25 PM

okay, before I try to address all the questions let me just say how completely floored I am by the huge response - even the cranky crankster - I love the attention.
keeping a file and a notebook during the renovations was particularly useful.

to divinemskd: the shirts come folded from the laundry. I used to be hanger guy but I had to give up the space for the secretary desk. I now prefer folded. Its less plastic, no metal, holds it's shape in the gym bag.

to mattab: the plum is Benjamin Moore Mulberry 2075-20. WARNING: if in a small space where people & objects rub up against walls regularly; choose eggshell not flat as latex will show every skuff.

to chelseatransplant: the blue is Benjamin Moore Evening Blue
2066-20. same advise as the above.

to LaDolceMama: the cuttlery is Sabre. I bought these in France but you can get them on line and some stores such as Gracious Home stock some of the settings. Opening the drawer is like going into a candy store.

to jac7890: the tile was installed by the contractor Conex Interiors as listed in the Resources section. Thanks for your kind comments.

to beddybee: I used to live in Rome so I've had my share of stained marble. Staining is inevitable. Also I am a total klutz - you should be happy I'm taken!

to Kathryn: so much of what I did was intuitive. I know of a baker who says the bread tells him when it's done. The purple told me...also it's rather hard to read the color of the chair in the photo's it purple woven with an acid green, a vomitatious combination that looks devine in life. B&B EDEN 2122601

to mschatelaine: of course I cannot put my hands on the Dux receipt, but it was not the super Delux one but broke the bank anyway. The silver is Georgian - as is the china. As much as I would love to claim pedigree for it (let's face it some of the china is trully awful) I actually assembled it all over some years. The silver is in the drawer is Old English, all by the same maker - Richard Crossley then there is a mixed Irish service in Fiddle pattern and a Scotts service in Hannovarian pattern by two different makers. bla bla bla

to CliveChristy: major decision to leave in the teddies - I could not bear slighting them (UGH). Thanks for your kind comments.

to Abbe: the cuttlery is Sabre (see above) The bath sink is Duravit.

to SD Panilt: thank you for asking this, we should have included an explanatory image. The doughnut is a short cut to the garbage which otherwise pulls out from the cabinet below.

to jacksonlalonde: questions questions questions. 1.The tall narrow chests usefully store stuff and I love them.2. I hung the TV like I would a painting. 3. I cannot answer this queston about the silver. I also like the leather clad pulls. Thanks for your comments.

to dragonphly:P all of the doors were made of solid wood. The hardware is from Simons (see Resources) all the door knobs and rosettes are ancient.

to keasus: I had several meeting with the contractor to discuss functionality of the built in closet. I had to measure everything in my existing closets first. I knew I needed storage, plus a coat closet, plus a laundry bin, plus a locked safe closet, plus a place for the receiver and all that jazz, plus socks & underwear & clothes & shoes for us both.As I already had an architect to file all the plumbing etc (I switched it all around in the bath) I asked him to draw both the kitchen layout and the closet. And re-draw them, and re-draw them again until it all worked. The pul out shoe racks are modified from painting storage that galleries sometimes use. I would have employed the same in the kitchen as a pantry but ran out of space.


Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
5/21/09 03:01 PM