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Great post. In Manhattan we have Doyle and Christies... which can be affordable when they have their "house" sales. You can pick up a sofa for less than Crate and Barrel, for instance. The whole catalog is online so it doesn't hurt to look. It is also interesting to actually go - Christies has quite a unique space at the Rockerfeller Center. You can load up on Magnolia cupcakes and spot some celebrity interior designers (hello Miles Redd).

Note the buyers premium of 25%. Ouch.

All You'll Ever Need To Know About Attending An Auction
9/28/10 08:27 PM

If you wanted something really strange, then you could always get an enormous glass cylindrical vase, roll up one, two or three of the quilts, insert them inside the vase, then put the vase upside down on the floor to use as a side table.

Apparently Plum Skyes at vogue has a plexiglass cube table filled with hay. So why not?

Ideas for Creative Quilt Display? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/14/10 12:43 PM

I have the tivoli clock radio, and would not recommend it. Sure, it looks good, but for that is supposedly well designed, it has a lot of design problems, namely:

- To change the alarm time, you can only go backwards - ie, if it rang at 7am and you wanted to snooze for like, 30 minutes, and have it ring again at 7:30am, you would need to twist the dial around for 11 1/2 hours, instead of forward by 30 minutes.
- When you change the alarm time, it makes a pretty loud grinding noise, potentially waking up any bed-mates
- The volume button is sleek, but at a price - you never know what volume it's set to until you turn on your radio. There is no way of knowing if it's set to level 1, 2, 3, etc, since there are no markings.
- My dial cover fell off within the first 6 months

Suggestions for a Good Looking Alarm Clock? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/19/10 12:32 PM

If you are going to the trouble of replacing things, then yes - replace the vanity. It looks like MDF and it is unlikely that, should you opt for an undermount sink, the hole will be cut perfectly (that is why people install over-mount sinks - to hide any flaws in the hole that is cut) and it is also unlikely that the exposed edges of that hole are laminated.

If the laminate comes off any part of the MDF, it will deteriorate over time - it's basically ground up wood glued together, and not good around water if it's exposed.

Should I Reuse this Bathroom Vanity? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/4/10 12:00 PM


You can always go IKEA cabinets and get the doors / drawer fronts from somewhere else.

Is It Custom? Or IKEA? A Swedish Architect's Kitchen Country Home | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/9/10 02:11 PM

You don't need a lamp kit - you just need all the parts and be able to follow detailed instructions. That's how I did it. If you google "lamp parts" you will find lots of websites that sell the cords, etc, and you just need to learn how to do an underwriters knot.


Martha has some advice on rewiring a lamp:


Source for Attractive DIY Lamp Kits? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
2/2/10 09:48 AM

FYI for those people looking to make furniture but live in an apartment (as I do) - I make furniture at Makeville in Brooklyn. $28 for 3 hours shop time.

Recreate Designer Furniture All By Yourself | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/27/10 05:52 PM

Can anyone comment on the quality of the West Elm lift bed?

I'm thinking of making one myself, but the mechanism is already $300.... factoring in the materials and the time it would take, and the West Elm one is looking pretty good.

3 New Inexpensive Storage Beds | Apartment Therapy New York
1/14/10 07:18 PM

FYI George Smith are having a sale from 16-23 of this month, which is a good thing, since their sofas are about 2-4 times as much as the chain stores like Restoration Hardware.

Sources For a English Rolled Arm Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/5/10 10:33 AM

This is genius. It is basically exactly a sheet of plywood (4'x8') with a bit cut off around it? I have a few sheets and might give this a go....My only concern is that a whole sheet weights, like, 100 pounds.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Can You Guess What This Is?
10/29/09 04:56 PM

I agree.... this is not a new concept. I love my library - it feeds my voracious appetite for design books, and it has all the latest ones. It's like Borders for free.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Community Bookcase
9/29/09 02:21 PM

Gave an extra point for the rock'n'roll bear

Apartment Therapy New York | Music Studio, Storage, Work Space, Sleeping Quarters, Home Theater 5 In 1 by Ilun Chung Design Showcase 2009
8/31/09 10:46 AM

You can woodwork in NYC at a number of places in Brooklyn:

3rd Ward
Beagle and Pots

I've tried 3rd Ward and Makeville. Makeville runs a beginners class that takes you through the rudimentaries of running the machines in the shop. They have other classes too, which you would probably want to do if you had never woodworked before. (The beginners class is just a few hours long). Then you can rent studio time for $35 for 3 hours, which is pretty decent. It's clean and the lady who runs it, Robyn, is really nice.

Apartment Therapy New York | Wood Moves: Seasonal Expansion & Warping WoodWise
8/4/09 09:40 AM

Roost sells them for $98 for the pair. A little cheaper. Plus, they have a whole animal themed section of their online shop.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Reclaimed Pine Pig Bookends
7/16/09 05:56 PM

They have these in the bar of the Hudson Hotel in New York. People sit on them. Not too comfortable for long periods of time.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: To Sit or Not To Sit? Furniture Design in Public Museum Spaces
6/3/09 09:20 AM

Hello again. Mine was got at Paradise Plants on 28th St.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify This Large House Plant / Tree?
6/1/09 11:03 AM

Yes. Fiddle leafed fig. I have one. Friend bought it for me from the Flower district - it's a lot cheaper there, although I believe still in a hundreds. They will deliver. Do not go to a fancy garden place because it will cost you twice as much.

Also, I have been rotating mine to give it even sunlight. Don't change it's general location though. They don't like that so much.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify This Large House Plant / Tree?
6/1/09 10:03 AM

Slightly off topic, but I used to work in an office building with the nicest toilets ever. The ceilings were 13 feet high. The whole space was clad in big slabs of limestone. The doors to the stalls were floor to ceiling. Ahhh. I still dream of those toilets.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Office Bathroom Makeover
4/21/09 04:56 PM

I would highly recommend AmericanFrame.com.

The shipping is extremely reasonable. I framed a picture that was probably 7 foot long by 2 feet down (sort of like yours) and it cost roughly around $100, from what I remember.

You must request that it is shipped to you in parts - ie, the frame is not assembled. Then you assemble it yourself, which is really very easy -> the frame comes with these plastic bowties that wedge into corner slots that are bowtie shaped holes.

After this, go to the frame shop and ask them to cut you the glass.

So yes, a little DIY, but it saved me $500, and probably took me 1 hour. So that's not too bad an hourly wage.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Frame for Unusually Sized Artwork?
3/19/09 02:57 PM

Many Singaporean / Malaysian interiors have white marble / tile floors, but hey, it's like 50 degrees outside and 90% humidity.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: J-Loft Singapore Remodel Singapore
11/26/08 09:42 AM