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YUM!! Great recipes. My cold summer salad standbys are tuna nicoise and Cobb salad.
Do cold sesame noodles with shredded chicken, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers and cilantro count?

15 Ways to Eat a Cold Salad for Supper Recipe Roundup
7/10/12 10:02 AM

Wow! That was a fun read. Who knew?

Congrats on your upcoming cookbook. Sure could use some of those luscious no-bake recipes right now in Central Texas-- especially the chilled ones-- where the heat is in the triple digits.

How Cookbooks Are Made: A Peek Into a Cookbook Photo Shoot
6/27/12 02:22 PM

A wonderful folly of an apartment. But not for me. There's just too, too much stuff and no place for the eye to rest. I'd break my neck tripping over something, so I hope Bill and Richard are fleet of foot and as graceful as felines.

And, then there's the issue of how to clean, dust and tidy up, but I'll leave that to the happy homeowners.

Living in a Jewel Box: Bill & Richard's Gorgeously Grand Small Space House Beautiful
6/25/12 01:02 PM

How sweet is she! And, I love her mighty, tighty kitchen.

Jess Simpson's No-Gluten, No-Dairy, No-Problem Apartment Kitchen Kitchen Tour
6/19/12 01:42 PM

Brava! The stenciling is a genius way to add girly glamour to a small closet. Not to mention that it helps disguise the rather utilitarian look of the Elfa system.

Step by Step Makeover: A Walk-in Closet from Drab to Fab
4/24/12 12:56 PM

YUM!!!!! Can't wait to make it.

Recipe: Crispy Chicken Thighs & Warm Bread SaladRecipes from The Kitchn
4/20/12 01:11 PM

It's so easy in the microwave; follow serving amounts on box, for the proper amount of oats to water.

Put rolled oats, cold water and pinch of salt in microwave-safe bowl. Optional: Add cinnamon. And/or raisins or other chopped dried fruit.

Cook on HIGH for about 3 - 4 minutes until it reaches your preferred consistency. Results:Hot and creamy-luscious. Serve with a pat of butter or yogurt or brown sugar honey or fresh fruit or chopped walnuts. Or, add 'em all.

3 Ways to Save Money on Quick, Convenient Breakfasts
4/9/12 02:40 PM

This is one of our go-to supermarket purchases. No fuss. No muss. For the two of us, a rotisserie chicken can last for three or four meals, and I always wind up with a freezer full of luscious chicken stock.

This is especially true in the summer, when we love the chicken meat sliced cold on a bed of romaine, with homemade dressing and croutons for a Chicken Caesar Salad luncheon. Or, Cobb Salad. Or, chicken BLT sandwiches.

I like to make Chicken Puttanesca with the dark meat. I make a basic marinara sauce and add dried hot pepper flakes, black Nicoise olives and capers. Cubed cooked chicken goes in to the sauce and gently heated through before it is served over freshly cooked pasta.

Or, I'll make curried chicken salad with raisins and cashews.

And, the list goes on...

One Woman, One Rotisserie Chicken, and Five Days: A Menu Plan Cooking for One
3/21/12 02:29 PM

Leah, you are living my dream. Although I am in my early 60s and retired, I ache to move to Silver Spring to be near my dear sister and her family -- that may come sooner than later. When I do, I may just have to give you a call. Silver Spring is one of the best things about living in the metro DC area.

For such young woman, you have prodigious talent. Your home is a delight. So are you.

Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina
House Tour

3/12/12 02:10 PM

Great, toothsome lunch recipes and menus.

My only concern: for the sake of your hapless co-workers, please be careful with the broccoli-feta salad. Refrigerate and eat it downwind of your lunch mates. Seriously.

Sandwiches, Salads & Soups: 15 Hearty, Homemade Lunch RecipesRecipe Roundup
3/12/12 01:58 PM

This is nothing: it's just dated. Believe me, I have lived in and seen much, much worse.

The absolute worst condo I ever had the ill fortune to visit was in Leisure World in Maryland. The two-story town home had been closed up and vacant for one year since its original elderly owners died. The HazMat house, as my realtor and I called it, reeked of fifty years of cigarette and cigar smoke and incontinent animals. The smells had permeated the walls, drapes and carpeting. The carpet was stained beyond recognition. There were hundreds of dead roaches, and who knows how many live pests lurking in the walls. Nothing had been updated since the place was built in 1958. I was in the home for 15 minutes and had to take a shower, wash my hair and all my clothes when I got home because of the smell.

I sincerely doubt that the Florida condo is anywhere near that condition. But I look forward to the makeover.

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/7/12 02:11 PM

Great tip. Will give it a try.

How To: Instantly Improve Your Photos
2/21/12 01:37 PM

WOW! Fantastic info. And, Jukesgrrl: your post was extremely informative and helpful.

Aftermarket Resources for Customizing IKEA Furniture
Weekend Shoppers' Guide

2/13/12 12:36 PM

I agree with PARNASSUS. Why another dead tree version of Domino? An online version like Lonny would be just the ticket.

Breaking News: Condé Nast is Reviving Domino Magazine … Sort Of
2/9/12 12:58 PM

I am not a "granny", but I am in my sixties, and the office transformation is spectacular. It's fresh, colorful and youthful. Exactly the opposite of the tired, bland look of the office as it was before the re-do.

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/2/12 01:06 PM

Delightful, stylish, inviting. What makes this small space live large is the flood of natural light from the spacious windows and the outdoor space with its expansive views.

I'd gladly settle for stingy square footage as long as the light and views were generous; they are priceless luxuries in a home.

Matt Makes His Tiny Rental into a Home
House Tour

1/30/12 12:53 PM

I find that shopping my house can make a big difference in a room. I routinely relocate pieces of art, accessories and some furnishings like small chairs and tables to different rooms. What a change!

We all get complacent or even fail to notice a great piece of art or accessory that's been languishing in one room for a long time. Moving it to another room where it can be better appreciated is so much fun. Breaks the monotony of a home and refreshes the decor with no money and very little time involved.

Little Changes That Make A Big Difference:
Living Room Update Ideas

1/30/12 12:46 PM

Love it, but I would have to figure out how to hide that big honking cord on the light fixture.

New Year, New Thinking: Fresh Ideas to Make ANY Small Space Feel Larger
1/18/12 01:41 PM

I don't think it works for the baby, the mom or the co-workers in most situations.

That said, my wonderful doctor has always brought her infants to work until the time they started walking. Because she has a private practice, she can slip away into a quiet room to nurse and where the child can take naps with her nanny, who is also responsible for changing the baby and taking her for walks.

As a patient or staff person in this environment, you'd hardly know the baby was around. But, this is a special situation; it certainly wouldn't work in the average workplace.

Does Bringing Your Baby to Work, Work?
Good Questions

12/8/11 04:08 PM

I'm crazy about this color for interiors. It's also a color I love to wear. It goes swimmingly with certain blues and greens. Not to mention brown and gray. It's not exactly an Hermes orange, but close. And, we know what a perennial favorite that is.

Just this morning, on one of the shopping channels, a handbag in this color was the first to sell out. Darn it.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2012
12/8/11 03:59 PM