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I would like to stand up and be heard, but first I need to go wash my left hand.

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
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5/12/12 11:28 AM

What Eames wheelchair? End Alzheimer's!

Friday Funny: Midcentury Modern Hits Retirement core77
5/11/12 11:03 AM

The faucet is a PENETRATING pink. Great for a smile and a colorgasm every morning.

Before & After: A Fresh Bathroom Remodel
5/3/12 09:11 PM

AT needs to set a better example and recommend less cookie cutter options... I agree with JACK213 that great sources can be found locally. In the Bay Area check The Wooden Duck... Every city/town has unique local stores- and the boring ass chains.

Rustic + Industrial: A New Style of Farmhouse Table
3/10/12 12:28 AM

BOOOoooorriing! Come on AT, your'e supposed to be a design blog. Wake up...

Before & After: Rochelle's Sun Porch Side Board The Gardenist
3/7/12 11:44 AM

Dr Rodney, otherwise known as DJ Ass Clown Silver Spandex. You might catch him "reflecting" in Ibiza, South Beach, or Rio.

Dr. Rodney's "Reflections" Retreat
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6/21/11 01:19 AM

The Wooden Duck in Berkeley. I know the owner- he went to college with Maxwell! Why no mention? www.thewoodenduck.com

Sources for Custom Tables Made From Reclaimed Wood
5/20/11 01:01 AM

Here kiddies- from www.artisanhouse.com "For more than four decades, Artisan House's vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional "metalworks of art." In 1964, partners Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler branched out into the specialized world of metal art. Previously, Fels operated Renoir of California -- a jewelry house that designed and produced collections of copper jewelry. It is a combination of Fels and Freiler's names that make up the signature C. Jere that marks every Artisan House sculpture."

Affordable Alternative: Metal Wall Sculptures by Curtis Jere
3/1/11 11:55 PM

Looks enticing... Remember that with dealers on 1stdibs potential consumers should divide the price of an item by a minimum of three for what the dealer will likely sell for.

1stdibs Opens in the New York Design Center
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2/18/11 12:31 AM

I love the one about using glue when assembling furniture. As classy as press-on nails...

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/4/10 09:55 PM

If less is more than why accumulate so much? A little too many "I'm-so-cultured" self identifiers in this place- a bit stonerish, but definitely done with intent and love.

Chris & Kenny's Blend of Mid-Century and Ethnic Prints
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12/4/10 02:58 AM

pict 1- ikea, pict 2- eyekeeyuh. its the same blah room no matter how much more of their own fluff they add.

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/4/10 02:31 AM

my question is; where did you get it and how much did you pay? if you pinched it from work you're a sicko and you should dump it away asap. if you bought it at a flea for $60 after haggling, sell it on CL or eBay for $65 and take $60 and consider yourself even. if you paid $1950 after haggling down from $2200 at an stylish "vintage" store than you're an idiot and I hope you are stuck with it. for all of eternity...

Where Can I Sell My Vintage Autopsy Table?
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11/23/10 10:46 AM

Because Umiricans don't say chaise longue, they say chaise lounge, so they spell it that way to; and who cares anyways? Speaking of Craft Associates and Chaise Lozenges, look for the Rocking Chaise, its a two person S curve chaise on a beautiful carved open walnut sled style base. I've owned and restored a few and have regretted selling each one after...

Affordable Alternative: Adrian Pearsall
11/12/10 12:09 AM

Typical designoid fodder. Wheres the actual design? All I see is endless boring ass receipts from DWR and Highbrow posing all over the house as furniture. Nice subway sign (if its real).

Joel's Mid-Century and Modern in Miami
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10/24/10 11:36 AM

this little primer (and the resulting commentary) on design pedigree awareness is a valuable break from the constant blathering reviews of average josie and uber waycool's chic urban pad's. it's good to know that your stuff, whether fake or real, has a history. the labor and intention that went into creating the original (vintage) classics can be felt. the hollow tin frames and cheap bastard woods used in knockoffs is generally obvious. licenced reissues seem fine for those who don't like rust, dirt, allergenic degraded latex foam bearing pathogens and airborne dust mite detritus; and of course 50+ years of fart residue.

20th Century Furniture Design: The Scoop on Licensed Reproductions & Reissues
9/29/10 02:10 AM

i have an uncontrollable urge to type the words eames, knoll, wegner, saarinen, bertoia into ALL search fields every time I'm in front a computer. i swear its by accident. when i go to craigslist or ebay i start to have fits and convulsions when i see chairs for sale that have been posted for more than 5 minutes without me seeing FIRST. I own 137 chairs. do i have a problem? is there a group? oh, here they are, chair freaks unite!

Chair Tattoos | Apartment Therapy New York
12/4/09 01:57 AM

old lockers: http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/browse/cataucs?catid=914

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | High vs. Low Mud Room Entry Essentials
11/3/09 12:28 AM

Full retail priced goods at a generally overpriced modern vintage store hardly seems like a "find". You can do better on Craigslist or Ebay than 1st dibs or their storefront- by far. Divide price by 3 for their actual value for most of us...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Set of 4 Captains Chairs by Paul McCobb Daily Find
9/30/09 11:20 PM

Couch is Le Bombole by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia (B&B).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Black, White Brown, Mix 'n Match Chairs and More...
9/25/09 10:37 PM