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Christmas is the one time of year when we, collectively as a society, edge out of our digital shells and dare to put pen to paper. As tech savvy as we all are, nothing can replace the magic of a snail mail greeting!

Digital Holiday Greetings: About Time or Faux Pas?
11/12/13 10:05 AM

Love this! Have often wondered how rustic IKEA hack would look -- this is great!

Before & After: IKEA EXPEDIT Transformed Into Rustic TV Console IKEA Hackers
10/3/13 09:14 AM

Matt and Christian: You did a great job!

AT Commenters: Didn't your momma ever tell you, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?

Before & After: A Rustic, Reclaimed Tabletop Replacement
9/19/13 09:41 PM

Excellent post. Well said.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving a Jerky Comment
Etiquette, Manners and Just Being a Good Person

5/17/11 04:57 PM

If you put some facing up and some facing down, I find it cleans just fine when it's sorted. ;-)

Five Time-Saving Tips For Busy Parents
5/3/11 11:53 AM

To the people asking about trash bags: We don't buy trash bags--we just small cans lined with grocery bags and take the trash out as soon as the grocery bag is full.

10 Household Items You Can Do Without—Really!
4/22/11 08:30 PM

Gotta love the slew of negative comments so typical on AT. I barely have time to leave positive comments on things I /like/...don't know how people can manage to leave do many negative comments on stuff they hate!

Getting off my soapbox now... ;-)

I have had an Ikea Malm dresser for 2 1/2 years now. It's survived 2 separate 3,000 mile moves and still is like new. I'm very happy with it. In fact, we just bought another for our daughter's room. Seeing this amazing makeover had me dreaming up ways to customize hers!

Before & After: IKEA MALM Dresser Upgrade

4/17/11 09:44 PM

Oh hey Drea! What an awesome surprise to see you on here! You've got my vote. :-)

Drea's Darling Home
4/15/11 04:19 PM

My daughter's closet definitely looks like the first (before) pic. But we just moved the changing table in the closet last night and I remarked to my husband that I wanted to hang artwork on the closet wall. This is awesome!

Closet Envy: Creative Uses for Closets
3/29/11 01:32 PM

We use the Summer Infant contoured changing pad & cover as a "baby mattress" between us on the bed. It's a very inexpensive option and has worked well for us.

Have You Used a Baby Travel Bed In Your Bed?
Good Questions

3/10/11 02:36 PM

We own the Blames! Unfortunately, as our baby is tooooo young (due today!),I can't give a proper review. I can say that it appears to be a very high-quality, sturdy design...and the tray looks easy to clean.

Personal Reviews of the Ikea Blames?
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1/10/11 02:00 PM

of all the rooms i've seen so far, this is the first one that makes just want to crawl inside and take a nap. lovely. so peaceful.

Wren's Natural Habitat
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #48

11/17/10 09:14 PM

oh, i love how the tree painting appears to be hanging upside-down. brilliant!

Lily's Made-with-Love Pad
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #53

11/17/10 09:12 PM

beautiful colors, beautiful name!

California's Pink and Orange Nest
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #56

11/17/10 09:11 PM

I've had great luck cleaning grubby Converse by throwing them in the washer with a generous two cups of ammonia, a bit of detergent, and an old towel (this rubs against the shoes while the cycle agitates).

5 Ways To Clean The Summer Grime Out Of Shoes
10/4/10 02:59 PM

These are beautiful!

Fair Trade Recycled Quilted Sari Throws
9/24/10 08:32 PM

I would go with a blue that matches the blue in the upper windows...that would be lovely.

What Front Door Paint Color Will Really Pop?
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9/23/10 06:20 PM

Hehe, it looks like a Weber grill. With a cat poking out of it.

Stylish Home Accessories for Man's Best Friends
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9/17/10 10:03 PM


Stylist Tricks You Can Use In Your Home
9/17/10 06:53 PM

The original wood one makes me shudder. But the yellow one...I could handle the yellow one.

Antique Shopping at Mom's House
9/17/10 05:43 PM