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There was a time when DWR carried (and was proud of it) unlicensed reproductions at much lower prices than the authorized pieces. I wonder what their response to this is?

Apartment Therapy New York | NEWS: Legal Battle Over Rights to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Designs
7/19/08 08:50 AM

Never mind the house, that is a sweet VW. Anybody know what year it is? Looks like a 1975 or so to me.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot House: Our Photo Gallery Show for Summersubmit your own...
7/19/08 08:03 AM

I was at the presentation and I think she gave the most compelling and informative presentation. It was a pleasure to hear all the panelists but her especially.

Apartment Therapy New York | Jonsara Ruth of Q CollectionAT Offline 7.10.08
7/18/08 09:51 AM

So...my address in Swampscott, MA got a 50. Sounds about right. The only thing worth walking to is the Commuter Rail to head into Boston and The Paradiso- a decent Italian place across the street from the station.

My mostly full time residence in Rockaway Park , NY got a 60. Some decent shopping and restaraunts within walking distance but only 1 block from the beach. That is a 100 in my book...I can hear the ocean from my bedroom and almost never need to put on the AC. Maybe tonight though, it's steaming in NYC today !

Apartment Therapy New York | How Walkable Is Your Neighborhood?
7/18/08 09:49 AM

And there have been some quality/customer service issues as well. Read the comments posted on the shopping guide here at apartmenttherapy.

Apartment Therapy New York | 023 Bureau Desk by Marina Bautier for De La Espada
7/18/08 06:56 AM

Scott Jordan Furniture now carries mattresses that are completely free of toxic off gassing and are rated "Baby-Safe" by Oeko-Tex, an independent Swiss Consumer Products Testing Group.

Apartment Therapy New York | Scott Jordan Furniture
7/16/08 11:04 AM

In addition to vinyl off-gassing, one of the biggest offenders in the home is your mattress. There is a link between childhood asthma and exposure to formaldehyde (used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam- the base for Tempurpedic and Memory Foam ) Scott Jordan Furniture now carries a line of mattresses with no off-gassing and rated "Baby-Safe" by Oeko-Tex, an independent Swiss Consumer Products Testing Group.

Apartment Therapy New York | Vinyl Shower Curtains = Toxic Off-gassing for WeeksFrom Re-nest: Our site that covers abundant design for green homes
7/3/08 09:59 AM

Scott Jordan furniture now carries a line of chemical free mattresses that have no off-gassing and are rated "Baby-Safe" by Oeko-Tex (an independent Swiss consumer product testing group) .

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Offline: July 10th
6/28/08 08:41 AM

Hey dosergirl, my original complaint was that in clicking on New York on AT's home page brought me to a story about a design studio in Somerville. As for Boston bashing, rudeness and a sense of entitlement or privilige is prevalent enough that even the Boston Globe (which I still read regularly) has done articles about it . And racist, , take a look at the history of busing and education. Not exactly a history to be proud of. And stupid, well, when I met a woman who was a VP for a major real estate company and mentioned global warming to her, I got a blank stare like I might as well have been speaking about sub-atomic particle physics. And this was a woman in her thirties with 2 children under the age of ten. Boston born and bred and a product of the Boston education system. So Boston bashing, maybe. But if there is a link that says New York, I DO NOT want to read about Somerville.

And this site was much better in the past, like I said before it became a shill for the likes of Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel and Ikea and fill in the blank... I come back here every now and then to see what direction this site is moving in in the hopes it will become a place for the free exchange of ideas and if you take offense at that then maybe you are at the wrong site not me.

Apartment Therapy New York | Grand Shopping and Sales in Union SquareBoston
6/26/08 01:48 PM

Sorry to tell you but memory and thermal sensitive foams (i.e. Tempurpedic) are probably the most toxic off gassing items you could introduce into your home. There is a clear link between domestic exposure to formaldehyde (used in polyurethane foam manufacturing) and increased risk of asthma in children. Add PBDE's (flame retardent chemicals) which accumulates in women's breats tissue and is passed along to both children in the womb and nursing children and you have a recipe for a lifetime of health problems.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fixing a Sagging Mattress With Memory Foam
6/26/08 12:14 PM

Cranky Pants ? Meanie ? Not at all, just making an observation, especially since I am a native NY'er and lived just outside of Boston for more than 2 years but never gave up my apartment here and have recently moved back. Without question, Bostononians are some of the rudest, stupidest and racist people I have ever met.
And as for AT, I miss the days of passionate discourse between characters like P2 and Jonathan and Anne....

Apartment Therapy New York | Grand Shopping and Sales in Union SquareBoston
6/26/08 06:49 AM

Why when I click New York on AT's main page does a posting about Boston appear at the top of the page? This site used to be much better before it become a shill for the New York Times/DWR/Room and Board/Ikea... ad nauseum...back when it was real people trying to come up with real solutions to people's living situations. And Boston? Please. Nothing but New York wannabees.

Apartment Therapy New York | Grand Shopping and Sales in Union SquareBoston
6/25/08 01:42 PM

I can't remember the name of the bed but it's from Ligne Roset. As is the bedside table.

Apartment Therapy New York | Philippe Cousteau's Pentagon City CondoHome Design, Spring 2008
5/30/08 12:03 PM

The link is now posted on Scott Jordan Furniture's website under mattresses.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread 635
5/21/08 12:45 PM

Good Morning AT'ers,

CBS news did a very interesting story on how PBDE's are absorbed from our mattresses and upholstery into our bodies. These flame retardents are linked to developmetal problems in infant mice and are now also showing up in our drinking water. There is a link to the story on youtube. As soon as I find it, I will post it.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread 635
5/21/08 06:37 AM

On a related topic, there is an independent organization based in Switzerland that tests consumer products (especially textiles) and rates them according to the amount of toxins they release into the home environment. The highest rating they offer is "baby safe". The name of the organization is Okeo-Tex.

Apartment Therapy New York | Biodegradable Furnishings The New York Times 5.8.08
5/9/08 06:05 AM

Does this mattress need to be sprayed with BDE to meet flame retardency requirements? BDE is nasty stuff and has been found to collect in the breast tissuue of women. Scott Jordan Furnitire has a mattress that is chemical free, does not off gas and does not need to be sprayed. On an aside, Tempurpedic's claim to fame is that it was developed by NASA but they never used it as they found the off gassing to be too toxic within the confines of an enclosed environment like a spacecraft !

Apartment Therapy New York | A Greener Mattress: Simmons Natural Care by Danny Seo
5/7/08 01:27 PM

Pompanoosuc Millss (Pompy.com) makes a number of pieces like that in solid woods and a choice of either wood or stone tops. Solid wood, made in VT....very nice stuff.

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Freestanding Counter/Storage Unit?
7/6/07 12:00 PM