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Not to be a total ass, but we've been getting essentially the same beds from Costco for under $20 each. They make our dog smell like cedar (better than whatever he's decided to roll around in on any given day) and they last forever—even if they don't, they're dirt cheap.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dog Beds from Jax and Bones
9/29/08 08:04 PM

GET A DIMMER. CFLs are not the only option here even though the whole world thinks they're sent directly from God. Dimmers are especially good in bathrooms. We have ours set to 40% and it's still bright enough for anything you need to do in the bathroom. Screw CFLs and go with a dimmer.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Can I Rewire A CFL Fixture?
4/14/08 11:39 AM

Been listening to Sara B pretty faithfully for the last several years—since she was just getting started and still singing a cappella in college. It's been awesome watching her gain popularity and even more chops.

Apartment Therapy - House Music: Sara Bareilles
11/13/07 09:45 AM

In addition to those above, which are great, MacApper is awesome for application and product reviews.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Best Advice for Macs?
9/28/07 03:46 PM

After several years, several brands of litter, and several litter box of all shapes and sizes, this is all I can offer: The best way to keep your place from smelling like cat poo is to clean the litter box more often. It's as simple as that.

Apartment Therapy - Tidy Cats Litter for Small Spaces
9/17/07 10:28 AM

That is pretty sweet-looking (the countertop, that is. Everything else in the kitchen looks a little shoddy, and that color is pretty much the only one that is tolerable in my opinion.)

Hot or Not? Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops
7/19/07 08:15 AM

Check out the Sara Bareilles album. She is of my favorite new artists.

Sale: iTunes Next Big Thing
7/6/07 11:40 AM