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Super cute space!

Flying the Friendly Skies in Jett's Room My Room
5/8/13 08:03 PM

I am always caught off-guard by the courage of people who can leave such rude comments anonymously. Boy are you haters brave!

The dresser is gorgeous. I would never have thought to use those colors, but they're fantastic. That dresser looks sturdy and seems every bit worth the hard work and $50 invested in it.

Before & After: Dated Dresser Redo
4/29/13 09:59 PM

I love these posts! Thank you.

One Design, Two Budgets:
Serene & Airy Kids Room

4/23/13 01:11 PM

This is amazing and looks incredible but not nearly as amazing as this couple who is adopting three children! I wish them so much love in their new family. They are truly incredible people.

Before & After: Nancy's $5 Wall Treatment Owen's Olivia
4/23/13 01:07 PM

It is impressive and refreshing to see such beautiful quality items in a gorgeous environment backed by such a strong sense of generosity and responsibility. I would make a trip to DC just to stop in.

Matt Camron Rugs and TapestriesStore Profile
4/19/13 08:53 PM

This space is incredible - so unique and complex, yet serene and simple. The outdoor spaces are amazing.

Thomas Hayes Gallery: A Modern Live/Work Space Workspace Tour
4/19/13 08:42 PM

Wow! What a gorgeous, creative, well organized space, and man am I jealous of that Dutch door! Beautiful!

Family Friendly Playroom in Venice Professional Project
2/14/13 10:07 AM

What a smart and creative way to give Abe his own space. Congratulations!

Abe's Ocean-Inspired Nursery My Room
2/8/13 10:01 PM


Before & After: Obsolete Crib Makes a Fantastically Functional Set of Shelves
1/23/13 10:37 AM

I try not to post anything other than positive comments, but I have to agree with Indy J. I'm in the market for a new iron and was excited to open this post and thank you generously for the reviews, but this is lacklustre at best. Great were the reviews Domino offered where they actually tested the products and offered information based on real experience. Disappointing.

Best Steam Irons 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
1/23/13 10:35 AM

Santa brought the stacking rainbow and the other coordinating sets (water, fire and rock) to our four kids (2 - twins, 4, and 6) this year. No oe really plays with them, but I LOVE them. They are beautiful to display and are so much fun. I sometimes play with them when I'm chatting on the phone and I'm hoping when the kids are a bit older that they'll be into them too!

Bright Fun for a Blah Day
1/16/13 11:07 AM

Just adorable!

Before & After: Flower Box Turned Mini Play Store
1/8/13 01:15 PM

These are great. As for the "hide the pickle" comment. We in fact do hide the pickle in our family (courtesy of Crate and Barrel though, not my German heritage). One year, weeks after brining preemie twins home and moving within the same month, no one found the damn pickle and it was forgotten.. Until spring when the four plus feet of snow melted and it was found clinging to the sad skeleton that was our dead Xmas tree.

This year, we have not yet hidden the pickle, but every day, our six year old (oldest of the four) asks "Seriously, when is Daddy going to hide the pickle?". Whereupon, Joe and I exchange devious smiles and someone throws out the "hmm, maybe later when the kids go to sleep..." raunch that has become the sad under-sexed humor of two thirty-somethings with four kids six and under. Merry Christmas!

Hiding the Pickle & Other Weird Holiday Traditions
12/10/12 08:28 PM

This room is fantastic! I love everything about it. I'm with you on the paring down/found objects challenge. We moved from 800 sq ft to 4500 and I've managed to fill our new place in a little over a year. Beautiful job and I love the family effort!

Clark's Eclectic Collaboration My Room
12/10/12 07:12 PM

So cute and sounds like a blast! Great job, mama!

Best Kids Parties: Bubble Splash Bash My Party
12/10/12 07:06 PM

This is precious and one of the best holiday traditions I've ever heard of!

Our Holiday Tradition: \"December Mice\"
12/7/12 07:36 PM

Wow. Classiest ride on ever! I'd definitely sacrifice our hardwood floors to see our twins cruising around on this!

Win: Saab Roadster by Daytrip Society Holiday Giveaway
12/7/12 07:34 PM

Good for you with the no gifts! I hope this is a growing trend. Looks like a great party for that lucky, little man!

Best Kids Parties: Comic Book Superheroes My Party
12/2/12 09:13 AM

Yes! Yes! More disposable elements is exactly what we need. If it makes it easier on us, let's not even bother to consider environmental impact. Love this idea!

One Minute Tip:
Using Kraft Paper for Entertaining Apartment Therapy Videos

11/21/12 11:20 PM

How is the branch hung?

Xavier Dean's Striped and Serene NurseryMy Room
6/18/12 02:56 PM