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It's a F&P, so you'd better get used to having it out of action while it gets repaired on a regualr basis. (We've had these down here in Australia for years, and they've got a horrible reputation.)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Pros and Cons of the Fisher Paykel Dish Drawers Product Reviews
9/15/09 06:06 PM

[IKEA] positions outlets far from city centers, where taxes are low and commuting costs high—the average IKEA customer drives 50 miles round-trip.

The problem with making blanket claims like the above - which is a blatant lie in both Australian cities I've lived in - is that I then regard the rest of the assertions as rubbish as well.

"Stick to reality" is a good idea for articles, otherwise it's clearly - as in this example - simply propaganda.

Apartment Therapy New York | Is IKEA the Least Sustainable Retailer? The Atlantic
7/23/09 01:21 AM

Amazing, both the comments in general ("Star of David"? please...) and the justifications for water-wasting.


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7/7/09 08:44 PM

This yard belongs to an apartment?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | My Great Outdoors: Jessimarie's Big Backyard
6/30/09 05:23 PM

Size: 102.69 meters squared? I doubt it, somehow. (It's 10545.2361 square meters.)

Size: 102.69 square meters would be more like it :-)

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6/24/09 05:17 AM