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[when there are, say, twelve tissues left? Wouldn't one jerk pull them all through?]
No. Sometimes the last two come out together, but usually not. It works much better than the box. The main advantages are:
-- when the tissues misfire, you don't have to dig around inside a box trying to find the edge of the next one (and end up pulling out 12.)
-- you can always see how many are left and restock before running out.
-- kids love it, and treat it exactly like any other dispenser.
-- tissues are beautiful; tissue boxes are ugly.

[And dust - would it be an issue?]
About as much as a napkin holder. Or a note pad, or a TP holder. Anything will get dusty if you never use it. If you use one or more tissues a day, the top one is always clean.

Toro Tissue Ring
7/6/07 07:10 AM