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What about an arrangement of tons of photos in frames? It would make it too difficult for the kiddos to walk through/around, and you'd get to see all your friends and family's smiling faces every time you walked up or down the stairs.
Dusting would be tough of course.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/11/12 11:33 AM

I am generally horrified if someone comes into my house and takes off their shoes. What's next? Their pants? But I would never say anything (unless they did take off their pants), as I want my guests to be comfortable.
I don't walk around the house barefoot. Yuck. Not to mention painful on hardwood floors.
I've only been asked to take off my shoes at someone's home once. I complied without complaint, and was miserable, self-conscious, and in pain all night. I didn't come back.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 03:46 PM

I do a white tree with hot pink and lime green decor. It's very girly.

Pretty in Pink: Holiday Accessories Roundup
11/4/10 10:02 AM

Shoes-on for my home. I'm extremely uncomfortable in a shoes-off house. I have planters fasciitis so it can be quite painful to stand around barefoot (with or without socks). Plus, it just feels overly familiar to take shoes off in someone else's home if they're not family.

Shoes On or Off in the Home?
11/2/10 10:32 AM

Insulating window film you can get from the hardware store works wonders. It comes with double-sided tape to secure around your window, then you just use a blow dryer to seal it.
I lived in a 100+ year-old house with original windows for a while and this made a huge difference.

DIY Ways to Insulate Windows?
Good Questions

10/4/10 06:23 PM

*lynn*, the clothing elves idea is genius!

Good Habit: Prepping Outfits in Advance | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/29/10 04:42 PM

My pajamas can usually be found on the bathroom floor, as I'm rarely motivated enough in the morning to move them to the laundry basket, which probably still has a pile of folded clean laundry in it waiting to be put away anyway.

When No One's Looking: Fess Up Your Odd Home Habits | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/14/10 02:25 PM

I love exploring this store, it's right down the street from my apartment.
The basement is the best for treasure hunting. It always seems like a ghost should be hiding in there.

Rothschild's Antiques in St. Louis Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/5/10 05:20 PM