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Puzzles are always perfect and really aren't that expensive.
My daughter received those soft foam alphabet letters for the bathtub and plays with them still at age 2. It also really helped her to learn her abc's.
You can also get the child a bucked art supplies...thing like crayons, coloring books, water paints, an art smock, finger paints and the paper to go with it. They love to get dirty at that age and it is great for kids to receive things that they can creative with. good luck.

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6/22/09 02:38 PM

As a parent, sometimes I am unsure of how others like things run in their home. I presonally try to keep a very careful eye on my toddler, but as I'm chatting I do miss some things. It would be nice for the host to jump in and say something if they would prefer my child not to touch this or that! I would prefer that over them getting frustrated or talking about me after I left. We all have different preferences and different ideas of what is okay and what isn't. If it really isn't okay, say something to the children. Then at least your brother will understand that you might care a bit more about your things.

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6/4/09 02:35 PM

Shalom-I would absolutely love to take it off your hands, but sadly, I am in Wisconsin. You are very kind to do offer!

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5/16/09 02:24 PM