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'authentic chic', 'elegant slumming'.... didn't they call this 'derelicte' in zoolander?
slowdown: yes, yes, yes.

Apartment Therapy DC | And the Newest Decor Trend Is..."authenticity"??? Wall Street Journal Magazine
9/21/09 07:44 AM

anybody know anything about the rug in the 7th photo? i looked at their website and couldn't find it. thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | New Room Features at Ikea College Park, Maryland
8/17/09 04:33 PM

you get a rug like that at homegoods! i saw one today!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Heather and Josh's Los Feliz CharmHouse Call
8/10/09 07:58 PM

does anyone know where you can get a mat like frank's?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Door Mat to the Stars Architectural Digest
8/5/09 04:23 PM

this has looooong been a southern best-kept secret for repelling insects. it was even on my girl scout camp packing list in place of insect repellent 15 years ago! it really works, and smells nice, too.

Apartment Therapy New York | Skin So Soft at Home
7/22/09 10:56 AM

Katie here! Just wanted to write in and say thanks for all the recommendations and tell you about the sofa transormation!
I hate being told no. I've always wanted a Chesterfield couch, but needed a place for family and friends to stay when they visit. I spent the better part of a month going to furniture stores and looking on ebay and CL for a tolerable couch here in Savannah (i hate microfiber), and was actually told by a sofa salesman when asking about 40s style couches that "you're just not going to get that look in a sleeper, and not for under $1200." Hmm. If you can't find what you want, make it, right?
I got the sleeper sofa off CL, and ordered the fabric online for about and had some local upholsterers (R&R Upholstery in Savannah, Ga- 912-665-0991) do the work for me. They did all the work- they flattened out the camel back on the sofa, made fabric covered buttons, and added panels to the front of the arms. I found a picture of a Chesterfield sans tufting and brought it in to them, and they used it as their guide- they were VERY accommodating, patient, resourceful, and friendly. I didn't have a deadline to meet, so I parcelled out the purchases to make it affordable- I purchased the couch and got an estimate, then looked for the fabric online. The fabric is actually an olive green (Como olive,, but looks chocolate in the photos. I needed about 19 yards, which took a minute to find and be able to afford. Then to the upholsterer's, then home! The whole process took about a month and a half, I spent less than $1000, and I got a place for visitors to sleep and the couch I've always wanted.
P.S.- I ended up getting different chairs than the ones in the photo. They were a bit too petite for my husband, but they are a pistacio green (and need to be reupholstered), and are for sale at the vintage store where I work as of yesterday! Two Women and a Warehouse, 912-239-9665, Savannah, Ga.
Thanks everyone!

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Reupholster Chairs to Match Chesterfield?
7/22/09 10:27 AM

i don't think i'll ever not love it, trend be damned!

Apartment Therapy DC | Ode to Imperial Trellis
7/20/09 03:31 PM

-wallpaper just the wall behind the dining set with that graham&brown print
-paint the rest of the kitchen (and living room) a darker shade of smoke gray
-update the chandelier to a more modern shape (hanging drum, smoked glass pendant, etc.)
-replace the railing with one or two low bookcases facing into the living room. you can decorate the top of them, and it will help divide the space
-paint the fireplace white
-i agree with the touches of aqua or turqoise- maybe in the upholstery in your chairs, and then in the curtain or countertop items
-hang artwork on the backs of those cabinets that face into the living room until you can remove them.

congrats on your cool new house!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for Updating Family Room/Kitchen
6/25/09 06:24 AM

paint the cedar shingles white, or leave them as they are, and leave the house white. to go with the stucco, tile over the porch with big red mexican tiles.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Exterior Paint Color for Stucco?
6/24/09 03:45 PM

whenever i buy a candle in a pretty glass jar or conttainer, i let it burn all the way down (when it's time is up) and while the wax is still warm, wipe it out with paper towels, give it a good wash and run through the dishwasher, and then i have pretty printed glass vases, make-up brush holders, etc.

Apartment Therapy DC | Don't Throw Out That Jar! New Uses for Old Jars
6/19/09 10:22 AM

i've done three army moves so far this year, and haven't lost a plant yet. i designate two to three boxes for my plants (all indoor/outdoor potted plants), and tape the top flaps up to form a tall box with an open top. i snugly fit what plants i can in each box, and stuff towels or newspaper between then to prevent the pots touching and rattling, and wrap newspaper around the trunks (like my giant jade and devil's backbone) to prevent wobbling. i'll also wrap up the pots of the largest plants with a plastic bag if they're too big to fit in a box, so the roots don't get damaged. you can always re-grow a damaged plant if the root structure is intact. long trailing plants get their limbs laid gently or piled loosely on top. secure, secure, secure those boxes so the plants recieve as little jostling as possible. the boxes go on the floor of my car in the backseat, with a draped towel over the top to prevent direct sunlight from car windows during the 10-13 hour drives, and they are the first things i unpack. if they absolutely have to go in the moving truck they're the last things in and the first things out, in a secure location where nothing can fall on them. i usually give them a day or two to rest before watering, and set them in a location near, but not directly next to, a filtered light source. usually by the time they've rested i've sorted out where they're going in their new home.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Prepare Your Plants For A Move
6/18/09 10:02 AM

i think with all the black and white, a rich yellow or cobalt blue would look pretty. red, as well, would go well with the painting, but look at all your accent pieces and paint the chandelier a color that's represented in the painting but not in your accent pieces.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Tips for Painting This Chandelier?#comments#comments#comments
6/12/09 11:48 AM

i've had good luck with,, and i agree with sunnyvolvo, though- is there any way you can use two of the pieces and give the third away? it's a sweetheart of a couch.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Source for Reupholstery Trim and Piping?
6/4/09 10:49 AM

Definately keep the original casters! Dry clean the fabric and maybe try brushing it with the grain to make it smooth- then, paint the wood high gloss black. With a white throw pillow w/black or red graphic on top, these could look very vintage hollywood. the fabric is great!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Ideas for a Chair Redo?#comments
5/16/09 05:49 AM