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there are a lot of things you can do to get a different look from your boots. Colorful laces? Glue glitter on the heels? Paint the toe cap a different color? Bedazzle? Paint freehand designs all over? Wear them with the tops of the boots turned down? Wear them with cool socks folded over the tops of the boots?

Before & After: Home Office Gets a Light & Lively Makeover Designed to Dwell
10/23/13 02:44 PM

older refrigerators used to give off quite a bit of heat (i would let bread rise, and start seeds on them), but modern refrigerators don't seem to.

Is It Safe To Put a Large Plant on Top of Refrigerator? Good Questions
10/15/13 06:06 PM

and if i ever wind up with a large estate, it will be Wise Acres

Does Your Home Have A Name?
10/11/13 04:09 PM

that is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 02:11 PM

i think it is perfect. i have to have my face about 2 inches away from a mirror to put on eye make up. those sinks can really get in the way.

How To Make Misaligned Medicine Cabinet and Sink Less Awkward? Good Questions
8/16/13 07:16 PM

how about...keep the bed in that corner, but turn it the other way so that you improve access to the patio. put the book shelf at the foot of the bed, and the couch in front of that, so that the bookshelf works as a behind the couch table. move the TV to the short wall where the kitchen pass though is. then you should be able to fit a small table and two chairs where the tv is now.

To Murphy or Not To Murphy? Good Questions
6/13/13 04:20 PM

AT has a theme most (every?) month. i am pretty sure that June is for weddings.

Against the Grain: Alternatives to Throwing Rice at Weddings
6/13/13 03:58 PM

Folks, in the before it looks like there is a washer/dryer combo next to the fridge.

Before & After: A Classic Renovation for a Park Slope Kitchen The Sweeten
6/7/13 07:52 PM

when framing textiles, there can be a big difference in the look/feel you get from putting it behind glass and framing it without glass. it you are doing a project like this, perhaps try both to see which you prefer. my 2 cents.

Display Idea : Framed Quilt Sections
4/8/13 05:09 PM

i would suggest painting the wall behind the couch eggplant.

Wall Color for Cold-Feeling Chicago Apartment? Good Questions
4/4/13 05:27 PM

that is a seriously great dress!

One Minute Tip: How to Fall in Love with Your Apartment Apartment Therapy Videos
2/14/13 04:42 PM

#3. the table and chairs are rounded and smooth and "inward". i would enjoy the contrast of spiky and explosive.

Fill in the Design _________: Pick the Best Lighting for this Dining Room
2/13/13 05:53 PM

#3. the table and chairs are rounded and smooth and "inward". i would enjoy the contrast of spiky and explosive.

Fill in the Design _________: Pick the Best Lighting for this Dining Room
2/13/13 05:53 PM

i have 2 molas ( that i stitched onto fabric and put in cheap ready made frames. i sewed a very thin striped grosgrain ribbon along edges of the molas to give them a more finished look.

Ideas for Displaying Fabric Samples? Good Questions
2/5/13 02:30 PM

big fan of Tard the Grumpy Cat

TGIF: Five Animal Sites Guaranteed to Make You Smile
11/4/12 02:23 PM

you could staple oilcloth to the back splash area. it cleans up nicely.

How To Change Backsplash Area
Without Painting? Good Questions

10/29/12 02:42 PM

thanks for the info, stevenportland!

What Should Nightstands Match? Good Questions
10/24/12 06:18 PM

in my San Francisco neighborhood, the street IS the swap box. anything remotely useable is snapped up very quickly. there is some great stuff out there--but you need to be quick.

Do You Swap?
10/19/12 04:57 PM

Plants! i would try a tallish, upright houseplant on the right side. Add a shorter, leafier one on the left, with maybe a third smaller one next to it. the marble is a nice, forgiving surface for houseplants, and the graceful lines would help break up the square on square feel of this part of the room.

How Do I Give Fireplace a More Modern & Inviting Look? Good Questions
10/18/12 05:01 PM

a spoonful of prepared mustard can give a soup or stew an acidic boost, as well as balance or 'round out' the flavors.

10 Simple Ingredients to Make Your Soups Even More Delicious
10/18/12 04:39 PM