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How green can you really say this is when the rendering shows it's installation in the middle of nowhere. So many of these glass box pre-fab homes look great when they're rendered on the great american landscapes, but would be much "greener" if they could fit into a community with existing infrastructure, transit, density, etc. It's not just about creating the object, it has to work within an urban context.

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6/22/12 12:44 PM

@axio99 I would not recommend putting a non-stick skillet in the oven.

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8/13/10 02:27 PM

That is really an elegant solution to the proliferation of ground-floor garage doors that we are faced with as pedestrians in Philadelphia. Unfortunately it does not address the issue that a curb-cut removes an on-street parking space that can be shared by multiple users and increase pedestrian safety by providing a buffer between traffic and the sidewalk.

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11/2/09 09:39 AM

I adore modern pre-fab in theory, but none of it in practice seems to be addressing real sustainability. None of those homes seem very urban to me. Each one requires some kind of side setback to be feasible, and most suggest pretty generous lots. It doesn't matter how "green" your modern pre-fab housing is, surburban communities will never be sustainable. If we can't figure out how to reinvest in our existing infrastructure, preserve agricultural lands, create mixed-use communities, build densities that support transit, and ensure that housing addresses all ages and incomes in one community, it won't matter how wonderful the architecture is.

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10/19/09 03:40 PM

I'm amazed at people who think the land of cul-de-sacs and separated land uses is "safer." The chances of your teenager dying in a car accident must go up exponentially when they have no other way to get around town.

There are options between the dense urban core and the rural, large-lot subdivisions. First-ring suburbs, streetcar and other rail communities, still offer the walkability of urban areas, and allow backyards and off-street parking. Why everyone thinks they need 1000sf per family member, 3-car garages, and 3 acres of grass to mow twice a week is beyond me.

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5/15/09 11:00 AM