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I love this but am not sure about it throughout the entire house, and our ceilings are not as high so I don't think it would work anyways. We actually "had" the exact same textured ceilings and it was really bothering us as we purchased the home but before we moved in we hired the most-awesome-painter-ever to paint the entire interior white. He took a very stiff broom and gave the ceilings a strong sweep before painting and it took those large peaks off the ceiling and nearly flattened them out, to the point now where they are not offensive and they don't bother us at all. We weren't expecting to be so pleased with the way the ceilings came out after the paint job. We're in the southern US and see this textured ceiling even in new construction around here, though the texture is not as severe as it was in our 30 year old home.

Before & After: A Sorry-Looking Ceiling Gets Some Stunning DIY Ingenunity
4/28/14 01:35 PM

Splurge. At least that's the route that I'm going on my new house that needs a total renovation + furnishings. For smaller stuff I can mix budget/thrift with a few splurges. But for most big pieces like a couch I plan to splurge. For example for our dining room we spent $1200 on a the table and 6 chairs (not too bad), curtains on sale from west elm were $100 total. I will find the side board second hand. But the light fixture will be a splurge. On art I look for original prints that we can afford and love and splurge on framing.

Budgeting for a Room: Splurge or Spread the Wealth?
7/28/13 12:50 AM