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Nothinlikeadame is right about endrolls. If you go to your local newspaper and ask nicely, they'll probably give you free endrolls of newsprint with no ink (if they have a press). You can use it for packing, too. But regular newspaper works, too.

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9/16/09 09:34 PM

The chocolate brown curtains in the bedroom are delicious.

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8/2/09 01:13 PM

Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg is rumoured to be haunted by a cloaked figure who stands at the foot of the bed. The Banff Springs hotel is also supposedly haunted by "Sam" a bellman who retired in the 1960s and died a few years later. A bride who toppled to her death down a grand staircase has also been seen there. I've stayed at the Banff Springs and never seen anything, but it's so remote and grand that it's easy to imagine that it's haunted!

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7/22/09 11:00 PM