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Yes there are different providers available, but this isn't always an easy answer. I like the service I have but I spend time up in northern Minnesota at our cabin where there isn't the best signal. A booster is a better solution since not matter what provider I have there isn't going to be the best signal.

Got a Poor Cell Signal? Boost Your Reception!
5/19/11 10:43 AM

Do these work with both 3G and 4G networks?

Got a Poor Cell Signal? Boost Your Reception!
5/19/11 09:39 AM

Someone needs to add a Bass or vibration sensor to this for nerdy awesomeness.

Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow
4/5/11 12:19 PM


More Users Than Ever Chat and Browse While Watching TV
2/22/11 12:10 PM

Got it
Customize Toolbar
Add Open in Dashboard to your toolbar.

What Makes Your Dashboard Great?
2/2/11 11:34 AM

and where would this little button be?

What Makes Your Dashboard Great?
2/2/11 11:30 AM

Once coal is converted to electricity it yields about 2,460 kWh/ton. This means that by doing both air drying and turning your settings from warm to cold you would be saving about three tons of coal!

Kinda awesome.

Quick Quiz: Which Saves More Energy?
9/7/10 10:07 AM

Dropbox rocks! It's profoundly easy to set-up and use.

Another one to look at would be Mobile Me by Apple. It not only syncs your Macs and PCs, it syncs your iPhone. If you add a new person you need to meet with on your iPhone it will update your iCal and contacts on you Mac and your Outlook and calendar on your PC. It also comes with 20GB/yr.

If you just need to share files tho, dropbox is the way to go.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Questions: How To Set Up Network File-Sharing Between a PC and a Mac?
5/12/09 09:07 AM