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i think with very young children, it would make sense to just ask them what color they would like (blue, green, whatever) and the adult would pick the actual color - or pull a few acceptable swatches and have the child choose one. i'm thinking about my 4- and 6-year-old boys and it just doesn't seem necessary at all to take them to the paint store and have them choose from the zillions of swatches.

that would be fun with an older child, and at that point it makes sense to try out a sample of the paint, or perhaps to compromise with an accent wall if they get their heart set on a really overwhelming color.

i still remember painting my bedroom pale pink with my mother and grandmother when i was 9 or 10. i have no idea whether i chose the color, but helping with the work is what gave me a sense of ownership.

Letting Kids Pick the Paint Color
9/13/11 11:09 AM

honeyhaze, i love it! of course, meat is generally recommended to be one of baby's first table foods, and he was very nearly six months old, so . . . :)

Childcare For Beginners: A Did By Graham Experience
9/7/11 02:23 PM

ooh, i want more details about #7!

Top 10 Items to Buy With a Craft Store Coupon
8/10/11 02:51 PM

that sounds like a fun book, but it's kind of funny or odd that it's basically an appeal for something that is already happening and has been for a while. i mean, i don't personally know a beatrice, but it has gained popularity over the past five years, as have many other "granny" kind of names.

i've noticed a fun baby name trend where i live - german and scandinavian names (including my kiddos). since so many people here are of german and/or scandinavian descent, i actually think it's related to the trend of bringing back names that were cool 100 years ago. we're all just searching our family trees for forgotten treasures.

Bring Back Beatrice! by Jennifer Griffin
Daily Find

8/3/11 11:02 AM

what a great shoot - all the kids' rooms should feature the kid actually using the room. love it.

Sayer's Big Boy Room With A Side Of Vintage
Kids' Room Tour

7/20/11 10:34 AM

that is so fantastic. i want it!

Before & After: An Outdated Desk Goes Gorgeous and Girly
7/14/11 01:05 PM

yes! i take this approach with a lot of things, and in many cases, i use the word "powerful" in place of "dangerous" (like with fire - it can be destructive but it is life-giving, so i like the term powerful) and tell my children we need to handle powerful things with respect.

of course, i want my kids to be safe, but i think it's safer to try to understand things as much as possible rather than just being afraid.

Do You Let Your Kids Play with Fire?
50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

7/7/11 03:05 PM

i'm in love.

Meet Black Hockey Jesus
Big Blog Family

6/30/11 03:18 PM

splitty, that's an interesting point, and i hadn't really thought of the fact that we *sing* a lot of songs that would be considered kids' music. it's just that we don't have / listen to *recordings* of it, which is what the post was asking about. i hadn't considered that "kids' music" actually is a pretty big part of our daily routine.

on the other hand, i don't know the songs you mentioned, and i don't feel like i missed out on anything as a kid. :) we sang hymns and cowboy songs. we listened to prince and madonna. it all worked out somehow.

Ohdeedads: Let's Talk About Kids' Music
6/29/11 11:44 AM

(p.s. sorry for being such a grump - i will concede that ohdeedads is a cute word, and i get that it's a father's day related thing, and i *obviously* like the post aside from the idea that it's dad-specific. i do like your posts so i'll try not to complain so much! keep being generally awesome.)

Ohdeedads: Let's Talk About Kids' Music
6/28/11 12:05 PM

what the hell? why is this for dads? that's so uncool. thanks for inviting us moms to answer for the dads if we want.

anyway, we don't do kids' music, unless you want to count the soundtrack to "where the wild things are" but i wouldn't say that's specifically for kids.

my kids love daftpunk ("robot music" as they say), "jimmy" by m.i.a. was a favorite for a long time, they've been brainwashed into liking she & him because that's what i listen to every saturday morning during my big cleaning routine, and of course they love the beatles and the stones. oh, for a few months they were obsessed - totally bananas - over crystal castles.

my kids are young (4 & 5) so at this point they don't object to anything i listen to, and don't have their own requests, but i'm sure they will and that's fine. music is a huge part of my shared history with each of my parents. i loved learning about their favorite bands/songs/albums and how they related to different parts of their lives, as well as their reaction to the stuff i was listening to - even if we disagreed, i still liked their opinions, and loved that they asked me for recommendations.

ohdeedads. come on.

Ohdeedads: Let's Talk About Kids' Music
6/28/11 11:50 AM

soooo beautiful and perfect!

Danielle's Small Modern Cottage
House Tour

6/22/11 11:47 AM

i have a small three-drawer dresser in the dining room for my kids' art supplies, since they do that stuff at the table. it's great!

Dressers All Over the House
6/21/11 12:38 PM

but you could paint your own design onto it really easily with tape and, um, paint. that could be so awesome!

DIY Rug Idea: Use Outdoor Canvas
6/20/11 04:17 PM

huh - i do "let them be individuals" . . . couldn't stop them if i tried. kids also love to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. my boys love their matching things in their room (and the few matching clothes they have). i guess it's kind of like wearing a uniform because you're part of the team, not because you're an inmate child of warden-like parents who demand conformity at the expense of your personal identity. or, wait, maybe that *is* me! haha . . . no. really. my kids are great.

Serial Organization for a Shared Bedroom
6/20/11 11:20 AM

my (two) boys share a room, and they do have matching twin beds with matching bedding, and matching dressers side-by-side on the wall opposite their beds . . . there aren't as many mirrored items as in this photo though.

the share one hamper, one bedside table with one lamp (between their beds), one desk with one chair, one typewriter, one globe . . . but i really like the look of this room and it makes me wonder what else i could repeat. hmm, yeah, maybe we need another desk/chair/typewriter/globe. :)

Serial Organization for a Shared Bedroom
6/17/11 04:23 PM

awesome room! you should invite that blogger to do a tutorial on her leather mobile.

Creating Interest With Paint

6/14/11 05:05 PM


Ideas to Update an Old Bedroom Set for a Teen Girl
Good Questions

6/9/11 04:15 PM

beautiful! i love it. thanks for sharing this.

Yarn Wrapped Letters
Sarah Ortega

6/9/11 03:54 PM

that looks like a good book! since you are interested in feeding your baby healthy, whole foods, you might want to check out baby-led solids. i was so glad i found out about it before my first child was ready for solids. it worked out really well for both my boys!

here's the site where i read about it, but there's lots of info out there:

just out of curiosity, why do you plan to introduce almond milk during infancy?

Start Fresh
Book Review

6/6/11 03:21 PM