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Lovely! Colors and layout are so unique. I, too, wish mine was this clean and fresh:) Thank you so very much for sharing your home.

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7/23/09 08:00 PM

You can always forgo a toddler bed and use the crib mattress as a futon on the floor! My daughter has a small room and is 2. This has been an excellent solution. Montessori recommends placing the bed on the floor for very young children. No rails needed. If she rolls out, it is only onto the floor, a few inches down and I spread a blanket on the floor, so that she rolls off and just keeps sleeping in comfort. They can get in and out independently and it is safer. It is all soft and No slats or rails to get caught up or pinched in. The bed looks very cute on the floor with some pillows, like a day bed. My daughter sits on her bed all the time during the day (as do her little friends), which she would not do with one of these railed beds. It even makes a great lounging spots for mom and dad for reading books with the little one. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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5/20/09 05:02 PM

There is a darling white wood crib & high chair at Target stores. It is the Circo Target Brand. Sold separately. The pair is about $60. They are a traditional style, such as you described. Both are compact, but large enough for the 12-18 inch dolls that many young children enjoy. I have purchased the set for my own daughter and searched extensively for the item before finding it at Target.

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5/11/09 06:38 PM