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I think a new white lampshade would make this look 10x better

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9/1/09 01:03 PM

decorative paper

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8/27/09 06:48 PM

I'd go for painting a solid color and using decals.
Etsy has some interesting ones like:

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7/14/09 06:39 PM

I really like the grey, but I can understand your hesitation about the tones matching. What I would probably do is paint that top garker grey trim a terra cotta or citrusy orange as a nice accent for now and then if the grey walls don't work after your furniture is in then find a muted color that works with the orange and the rest of the furniture. Maybe something like a light warm putty color.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Paint Color for New Living Room?
7/7/09 03:03 PM

mostly what other people have said in that i would paint and add some artwork, but also I might look for a green glass shelf (to go over the towel rack or somewhere else in the room) that matches the sink so there is a bit more continuity. you could also add more modern accessories on the shelf if you find something that works.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Personalize New Construction Bathroom?
7/1/09 06:47 PM

in the kitchen I'd leave the cabinets, but tile the wall/backsplash with something modern.

The pine might be a bit much in the rest of the house, but I'd kind of hate to see it all painted over...

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5/20/09 06:09 PM

I think bright/bold orange or white.
I'd also consider a two-tone where the drawer and the slightly inset part of the sides are a different color, but that may not work with the rest of your decor.

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5/19/09 06:09 PM

what about mini bonsai trees in a few of the shelfs?

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5/11/09 06:42 PM