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1.On the Right side of the a tall+wide wall unit/bookshelf system.
2.On the left side of Wall unit/bookshelf attach hinges on the board.(the part close to
the wall.
3.Attach a two panel folding door from Home Depot (some sets are under $50.)
This way it can unfold and cover the opening and when not needed folds flat against the side of the wall unit/bookshelf out the way.

Temporary Privacy Door Ideas for Arched Doorway? Good Questions
9/17/12 09:12 AM

Before and After? Hmm...I renovated my last moving to another one across town.

Before & After: A Shed Goes from Farmhouse to Modern Design Milk
8/4/12 07:48 AM

SOLUTION: for the shopper that leaves their basket on the counter then goes to get something...and takes FOREVER to return..while you stand there like a putz.
Take a couple items OUT of their basket and toss it elsewhere. OR put a couple of random small items in it like a couple packs of gum. They'll then need to waste their time arguing about the items they didnt want..or spend more time returning to the store to get what was removed! Next time..theyll take their basket with them! May not be so nice..but it's Karma...and Karma wears a denim jacket.

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
5/2/12 08:30 PM

...maybe its me..maybe its living in NYC...but i have YET to meet anyone that describes a color like Sunset Smile, Lonesome Dove, or Flaming Peach. I agree with Nadnuk in the first comment. my Kitchen is Tan, my living room is light yellow, bedroom is Blue-ish..and the toilet is WHITE..not Parisian Snow!

Paint Color Names...for Men?
11/23/11 11:55 AM

If someone's kid is so damned impressionable , the parents have a whole lot more to worry about than one doll. Obviously your teachings, upbringing, moral views and religious views are so weak that a mere plastic toy is much more powerful.

What's Wrong With Tokidoki Barbie?
10/23/11 11:06 AM

oh wow! Chinese Zodiac masks!! Cool!

Giving Good Face: Masks As Wall Art
10/21/11 07:10 AM

It's not a solution if it isn't available "yet".

Great Looking Soundproofing Solution: Modular Hexagons
9/12/11 01:58 PM

hmm...swimming in a pool is like swimming in a GIANT BATHTUB..the water flowing through other people's 'privates is the same water flowing into your eyes and mouth. Yeah sure it may have chlorine or other cleaner...but would you let someone pour that water over their body parts and onto your face afterwards? Didnt think so

Quick Summer Survey: Beach or Pool?
7/27/11 09:50 AM

yup! love sleeping on my belly but HATE having my feet all twisted up

Would You Buy A Cuddle Mattress?
7/26/11 01:49 PM

Enjoy your home..who cares about other's comments. Are any of those Georgia O'Keefe or Van Gogh Prints the REAL thing? NO! As for your money funding evil we KNOW the political views and actions of ALL designers? NO. There are worse things in life...have a happy home!

Should I Be Ashamed of My Furniture Knockoffs?
7/14/11 02:31 PM

Professional cleaning is a good idea..get rid of the previous tenant's odors, body hair, dead skin cells, nail clippings, sweat, etc. and if they walked in their home with street shoes...probably street filth, doggy doo, pee, garbage, etc at the bottom of their shoes. Steam clean!

How to Spruce Up Rental's Carpet?
Good Questions

7/8/11 06:55 PM

here in a NYC apt. a few yrs ago..i had noisy upstairs neighbors that REFUSED to believe they were loud. After multiple attempts at 'niceness', I printed up signs & posted them in the bldg listing the noise.
Loud music-tues. 11pm-1am
Argument+Yelling -wed. midnite-12:30
Lovemaking session -Fri. ONLY 9pm-9:10pm!?
Right after this...they were always quiet

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/27/11 07:21 AM

in NYC...theres too much to do and see and eat! Then theres ALWAYS somewhere to dance on a Sunday! Yes even early Sunday!

How Do You Handle a Case of the Sundays?
4/15/11 07:28 PM

love the Octopus hook! and Love the Ikea Hack! I dont understand why some people say it will fall apart in a year....i have some Ikea pieces since 1999 and still strong! What do people do with their furniture? Climb it? Practice Boxing? odd.

Before & After: IKEA MALM Dresser Upgrade

4/15/11 07:24 PM

the yellow arab steps are awesome! But the last picture...scares me...creepy..haunted...i think i saw it move!

Spruced Up Steps
3/25/11 09:50 PM

to "everydaycraftygoodness "..Dude! you're a genius!

5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter
12/18/10 11:01 AM

Shame on Bloomingdales...its only monitors with screensavers! Anyone can do that, theres nothing special.

Holiday Windows 2010
Time Out New York Kids

12/2/10 10:41 AM

Id move..but if moving isnt an option, foam suppliers have materials used in music studio floors and walls. You can also program your music system or TV with an alarm to go off very LOUD while u are at work and your landlord sleeps. Some folks dont believe its actually loud enough for u to hear everything unless you give specifics. After months of complaining to my upstairs neighbors to tone down the noise i flat out told them knew that their last lovemaking session lasted exactly 6 minutes and 38 seconds. The husband turned deep red and silent. After that the noise level went way down.

Ways to Soundproof Against Downstairs Landlord's Noise?
Good Questions

11/30/10 12:24 PM

you guys DO know that there are lots of peel and stick window privacy films out there....right? No need to paint layers of art supplies or feed the roaches or ants, Theyre EZ on and EZ off.

Add Removable Privacy To Any Door With Cornstarch
Manhattan Nest

11/30/10 12:05 PM

1. Flies
2. Roaches
3. Ants
4. Rats
5. Bedbugs

White Noise Machine or Keep Looking for Apartments?
Good Questions

8/15/10 12:04 PM