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The tinfoil wallpaper does exist. But as I said, this increases radiation from any phone inside the faraday cage you've created.

Any phone, not on flight mode, will always try to find a signal. If it has to go through tin foil, a non-standard plastic phone cover or a brick wall, it just increases the power. This increases “radiation” and power consumption.

@KHinNJ and SmallWorld, I've worked in telco, and one of my jobs was to go to schools, where parents shared the “Oooh! Underneath a mast is dangerous”-attitude. I always brought a flashlight, and pointed it at the audience. “Now I'm radiating you directly.” I'd turn it to the ceiling. “Now I'm not.” Sometimes I'd spin around, and then ask the simple question: “Who is the only one, that hasn't been radiated directly?” ... “Me.”

If any person in your presence, pupil, friend or anyone else, has a phone, that will cause you to experience more “radiation” than all the towers in the world. If there were fewer towers, that would increase.

Is There a Device To Measure Cell Phone Tower Radiation? Good Questions
2/26/14 03:08 AM

I haven't dyed something from IKEA, but I've used the Dylon dyes to dye clothes. It's ridiculously easy (from white to end colour). You just put the fabric and dye in the washing machine, and let it run. Done.

No loss of colour over time, and no staining. I'd been quite worried, so I'm still a bit suspicious at the ease of it :-) But humans have been dying fabrics for some time, so I guess we've come some way.

Has Anyone Dyed IKEA Slipcovers? Good Questions
2/25/14 11:16 AM

What robalan and FurryHen said.

But also a few extra points:
Answer to your question: Yes. A phone :-P
If you have a connection, you are subject to radiation. However, as the telephone is a two-way platform, the raditation from the phone is a lot higher than the radiation from the tower. The further away from the tower, the higher the radiation from your phone. So a person carrying a phone is subject to less radiation, when said person is near a mast.

If you are living below a mast, you get none of the radiation.
Radio waves are like light or soundwaves. You can block them, and you can steer them. If you had a spotlight on your roof, your house would be dark. So if you are keen on worrying about radiation from masts, you should only worry about the mast on your neighbor's roof.

Regarding Gooddog's note about 30 years, that's not quite accurate. We've had radio for longer than that, and as FurryHen said, the intensity is not strong enough to damage cells.

If you want to limit your exposure, don't have a mobile. If you want to limit you exposure, but keep the phone, don't use a cover. The more material to broadcast through, the more power it uses.

Is There a Device To Measure Cell Phone Tower Radiation? Good Questions
2/25/14 11:08 AM

A very good point from Knacked. The use of knobs across the pond might have been a fashion thing.

Out of interest, I checked the Danish building code. Compared to the US and Canadian it is generally very strict and regulates to the smallest detail. However it doesn't mention the shape of door handles or knobs. Presumably because knobs are not in common use.

To the point of universal design, it does regulate the distance from the floor of the handle/knob, in so far as exits. There must be a minimum of one exit, where the handle is no more than 120 cm from the floor, so it is within reach from a wheelchair. There is also a nice illustration of the required clearance space.

Are Doorknobs on the Outs? Design News
1/3/14 11:43 AM

I think you misunderstood. The lever principle (or law of the lever) is basic physics. The entire concept of using tools to better our existance, is based on the principle of maximum output for minimal input. Using a lever instead of a turn-knob is the equivalent of placing light switches on the wall just inside the door, at the same height as the handle, rather than placing them on the lamp, hanging from the ceiling.

As some of the other comments note, Universal Design is one of the key principles in modern architecture and design. MP3 players had been around for ages, but the concept didn't take off before Apple made a graphic user interface that can be clearly understood, without any previous knowledge or wasted energy.

Are Doorknobs on the Outs? Design News
1/2/14 12:10 PM

I've always found it odd that round door knobs are still used in North America. They require more energy than needed, the can't be operated if your hands are full and they have a larger surface of interaction, easing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The lever principle was well known in ancient Greece, but somehow we forgot to bring it to the colonies.

Are Doorknobs on the Outs? Design News
1/2/14 11:10 AM

It's quite simple: Paint one thick diagonal line behind the two, from ceiling to floor, tying them together.

If possible, remove the slat the toothbrush- and cup holder is mounted on. You could even install a new one, framing the line.

I've done a quick example: http://uhy.re/simplebalance.gif

How To Make Misaligned Medicine Cabinet and Sink Less Awkward? Good Questions
8/15/13 09:07 AM

I've grown up using a keyboard, so I type much faster than I handwrite. In elementary school we had classes teaching touch type, much like the suggested app. But I don't think I learned much.

I found the best way of learning it, is to need fast typing. TypeFu uses gamification, and perhaps that is useful. But it's not really needing the skill.

So here's my tip: Write fiction whilst composing the story.

It doesn't have to be good. But trying to keep up with my imagination worked for me. Sit down, close your eyes and think. No notepad, no pencil. Imagine a framework. Eg.: “Man goes to work, but is interrupted on the freeway. All of a sudden, he is on der Autobahn. In 1986. April 26. The wall is up, Chernobyl is down. But few know.” Open your eyes, and begin writing. Easton Ellis-style. Describe everything. Hairstyles, car colours, smells and temperatures.

Alternatively try to transcribe a tv show. Take one of your regular favorites, and try to keep up. Stick to it, and don't quit before you can keep up with an entire episode.


How Can I Improve My Typing Skills? Good Tech Questions
7/31/13 03:29 PM

@taxi_cab_452, you're welcome!

Who's the original designer, seems to be quite interesting. @Cherry is right. It does come up, when searching for Sean Dix. Specifically "Sean Dix" + "triple x". But it is nowhere to be found on Sean Dix' official looking site (seandix.com).

However, broadening the search results in a wider price range. It is available for just 185 GBP in Europe (≈ 284 USD), while an Australian outlet wants 2.900 AUD (≈ 2.650 USD). Surprisingly large span.

Source of Side Table on HauteLook.com TV Commercial? Good Questions
7/25/13 03:09 AM

It's from Nuevo, made from “American walnut” and it has the item code HGEM371. Available on multiple online shops at around 500 USD.

Source of Side Table on HauteLook.com TV Commercial? Good Questions
7/24/13 08:25 AM